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    Posted by Anonymous

    i have a big 11 inch dick that i have my girlfriend suck every night. She gets so excited every time she sees it. She just can't wait to get it in her mouth. She also loves to lick and play with my balls. Once, she had one of her friends come over. She wanted to share my dick with her. Theres plenty to go around If anyone else wants to suck it or even just get a peek at it, let me know ;)

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    Would you let a guy play with it?
  • 2
    hmmm sure why not im horny enough. I might as well let u blow me to see if its any different having a guy suck my cock then a girl.
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    Well then you're as gay as he is.
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    Did you say 11 inches? You probably have a twin brother and you each have 5-1/2 inches.
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    How big are your balls sweety? I would love to lick them while you lick my asshole. Then I will suck your 11 incher.
    How big is your cock without a hard on?
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    umm about 7 or 8 inches without a hard on but its hard to tell really...same with my balls they are kinda hard to measure but they are pretty big. I would love to have you suck my big dick, just tell me when and where!! I really love getting blowjobs so i hope your good at them.
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    I am good at sucking cock, but I know I could't get the whole thing in my mouth. So actually, you have about 5 inches too much. Now I would love to meet you just to see your cock. You didn't let me know if you would lick my asshole. We can't meet anywhere because we don't know each other and you may be a dangerous pervert.
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    You are a fuckin liar. Your dick is not 11 inches. You wish. You just talking shit. Wake up and stop dreaming or did you fall and bump your head?
  • 9
    Ive never seen an 11 incher. a load of shit, though ive sucked off a guy in a toilet on holiday with i would say was 10 inches not thick though, but very nice. really i like a guy to be of normal size around 8 to 9 .its much easier to play with and enjoy
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    fucking give it to me. i want to wrap my tight pussy around it.

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