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    Straight Female / 36

    When my husband is at work I will go to motels or hotels to visit men in their rooms for sex. I do this about once or twice a month, whenever I get the time and can arrange it. They are mostly married men and are quite nice and respectable, happy to have a bit of sex on the side. They are mostly in their forties and fifties. I'm not that fussy, they all look good to me and I love playing with their cocks.

    I'm not that pretty but I have a good body and will suck and fuck . I stay about an hour or two and most of them are good at fucking so I go home satisfied. This helps to keep me sane and cope with a dull marriage.

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    So how do these men know how to contact you? Are they strangers or people you know? Do you receive compensation for your time?
    16 days ago
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    Do they approach you for sex or do you contact them? Is your pool of possible partners men you know socially? From work? Is your husband likely to know them too?

    If you're the one doing the initial contact, what things do you look for aside from a wedding ring? Is there a particular physical type or race that gets a leg up?

    I assume they pay for the room. Do they also pay for your time? Are you fanatical about condoms or can generous married men have a chance to fill your married pussy with cum?
    16 days ago
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    I get in touch with men online looking for women and if they're local I will meet first over coffee. If OK I will meet them in a motel. They pay for the room and nothing else. I prefer married men but will consider single. My only preference is that I like them, be presentable and mostly professional.

    My husband doesn't know. I have birth control and prefer no condoms. I have a few regulars and a few more possibilities, and it has worked out incredibly well.
    16 days ago
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    When you blow them, do you swallow? Are there any acts you'll do for your casual hookups that you won't do for your husband?

    Have you done a threesome, a gangbang, or another woman? Has there been anything beyond vanilla sex?

    16 days ago
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    I am a single man, and I have met and fucked plenty of married women behind their husbands backs, same story as yours: dull marriages... I absolutely love having secret sex with married women... hope you keep fucking strangers behind your hubbys back, so much fun
    15 days ago
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    All sex is one on one which is what I prefer. My husband is very conservative, he thinks cunnilingus is disgusting. Our sex life is down to once a month at most, just a plain fuck.

    I enjoy sucking cock and will swallow. I have one gentleman who likes a "cum kiss", he ejaculates in my mouth and then I have to kiss him, mouths open and puts his tongue in mine. I enjoy it because it arouses him so much. He stays hard and pushes his hips against mine. Then we have a strong hard fuck.

    It's my desire to have a varied and experienced sex life, but with various men with the usual 69 and sex. That's what I want and I do it.
    14 days ago

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