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    Bi-Sexual Female / 25

    I was always raised to "be a lady", be proper, don't curse, dress up, wear make up and do your hair, don't sit like that, don't speak of sex or anything relating to it.
    But the truth is, all of that just made me a wonderful sub. I love being restrained and teased and fucked hard. I would love to find a sugar daddy who enjoys a girl with some extra meat on her bones to tie up and fuck when he sees fit, but it would need to be discreet and I'm not sure how to do that other than posting here.

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    Maybe you need to let an older guy know where you live for starters. I am sure there are many horny older guys who would do whatever you want to you if they are close. I know I would. Louisiana here
    16 days ago
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    Yeah, understandable. I too was raised from childhood to show honor and respect to my elders, regardless of race or sex. But it has got to the point that it's harder than hell to find any!
    16 days ago
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    OP here- I am on the KY/TN border :)
    13 days ago

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