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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I have a really strong kinky obsession with rimming my wife's delicious little ass. I lick her ass and even drive my tongue as deep into her ass as I possibly can. I love how nasty it is and I love to taste the bitter and slightly chalky flavor of the last traces of her fudge. My short confession is that I want to do it right after she goes to the bathroom so I can get a serious taste of her poopy ass.

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    I love eating womens asses... not always get a chance, as per tasting their fudge? i have to work myself up to it... i do love their piss too, and watching them poop is fascinating to me.. maybe next time i will ask one to shit on my hard on
    15 days ago
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    Mmmmm, I love eating a woman's ass, too. However I only like licking and frenching her ass, I really don't want to get into any fudge. To each his own!
    14 days ago
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    Mmm 55 bisexual married Male here too and I absolutely love waking up next to my wife each morning. We'll spoon naked for awhile then I just have to go down to rim and bury my tongue in her asshole. She's a natural hairy blonde down there and has a lovely ring of hair around her asshole that I like to pull with my teeth. I love how moist her fudge hole is from being under the covers all night and the taste and smell drives me wild as I bury my tongue deep inside her asshole and hear her moans of pleasure as I eat her nasty hole. Mmmmmm mmmmm so good!
    14 days ago
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    Love to lick... Love them after a long hot sweaty day, musky and wet... Can damn near cum from just the taste.
    14 days ago
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    Love to lick my wife's cute little ass too. She's a very clean person and a little shy about letting me rim her, afraid that she's not clean enough and usually only goes for it right after she's showered before bed.
    Once in awhile I'll catch her after a full day and get to enjoy her clean but slightly musky scent and slightly bitter taste. I get such a hard-on and my dick starts leaking into my pants when I get her to really relax and I drive my tongue in as deep as can be.
    She will finally get into it and lean back and really open up and feed me her rosebud.
    11 days ago
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    My first wife took a long time to warm up to my kink of munching her butt. As she eventually became more accepting, I would "hot dog" her buns, dry humping her butt and profusely dripping precum on her bud so that as I went in for the munch, it was all lubed up. I knew she'd become a convert when, during a rare blow job from her, she looked up at me and pled, "will you...lick my butt?"
    10 days ago
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    I'm an ass licker, have been since I first started dating. I've never had a woman who didn't LOVE it. I usually start out slow during the first encounter. I start kissing the back of their neck, and work my way down their back, kissing and licking. I take my time. I want them to get turned on, so that by the time I'm ready to eat their ass, they can't resist. Once I reach the lower back, I'm already squeezing it, and rubbing my finger, lightly up and down the crack of their ass. Most of the time they're already gyrating their hips, and have their ass raised for me to slide my finger up and down their ass crack. All the while I'm going on about what a beautiful, sweet ass they have. Naturally they love the compliments. By now I'm nibbling the cheeks and getting closer to the sweet spot, and they're usually almost shoving their ass in my face. Then I slowly start running my tongue around their asshole, and licking up and down from their clit, and all the way to the top of the crack. Some have reached around, and pulled my face into their ass, and begged me not to stop. Then I go wild from the scent, and taste, and plunge my tongue as deep into their sweet little ass as I can, and eat for as long as my tongue can stand it. I usually lick and tongue fuck a woman's ass until my jaw hurts. But I leave them completely satisfied, and they always came back for more. I married now, and my wife asks me to lick her ass all the time. She's hooked. And so am I.
    10 days ago
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    I too love to eat my wife's sweet pussy and especially love the forbidden fruit of her ass. A couple of days ago I caught her after her workout and pre-shower and man was I surprised and turned on. I got my tongue into her musky little crack and tasted the bitterness and actually picked up a little trace on my tongue. Thought my dick would shoot off in my shorts right then.
    Continued to lick her with lots of moans from both of us and lots of compliments to her and about how sweet she is and how I love to taste her little back door.
    In many years of rimming her it's the first time I ever got her even just a tiny bit dirty and it was worth the wait. Will keep trying for some more. Hope she dug it too and will want more.
    3 days ago
  • 9
    I had this half Asian guy who wasn't getting any sex at home and wanted to try new things. I sucked on his balls and worked my tongue up his crack. We did this a few times and he would tease me about the last time he went to the bathroom and how he wiped.
    About a week ago I had him squat over my face and feed me that ass and I could clearly see a little dark brown stripe in his crack and knew he was getting off on feeding me his dirty hole. My dick was throbbing and leaking as I tasted his lunch.
    19 hours ago

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