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    Straight Male / 51

    Way back when, we were young, we worked for an important government agency, we were all straight laced, suited, professionals. On weekends, or holidays we got together for parties, wife swapping, sexual initiations, same sex experimenting. We never played with children or under aged teens, we never invited blacks, we much preferred Latinos and Filipinos, primarily women as objects of trade. These parties went on starting in our late twenties well into our fifties, recruiting young women to be our objects of pleasure.

    At some point, not by design there was an unspoken agreement to have a favorite young woman as a primary lover and sex partner, to keep, not to share. Any presence of these favorites was to support our activities with others, wife swaps, a new hire young man, the ultimate form of erotic pleasure.

    In 1986 I found my favorite, a young woman, a new hire from Columbia Law School, mine to teach, to bring along in her sexual awareness, to indoctrinate her, her role, to incorporate her into my personal family. I had her move in with us, instructing her to make herself available to my wife who had a particular attraction for intelligent young women.

    What happened to us, and to many of our founding party members, is that our favorites became our most precious possession. To this day, I am now entering my 70s and my favorite girl is approaching fifty, she is fully incorporated into our lives. My wife and I had a healthy sex life when we met, we enjoyed swapping, we enjoyed same sex adventures. But we never expected to fall so deeply in love with our favorite, and have her devote her life to us.

    One more time we raise a glass to our friends, we remember our party days.

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    That's how you wish your life turned out. Truth is, you lived paycheck to paycheck in some bullshit job you hate. You, your wife, and family are nothing more than average.
    14 days ago
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    #1 your and ass hole idiot ,who to hell pushed your button, set in the corner and jack off by yourself, you warped fuck,Iâm sure you have something in your ass right now
    11 days ago

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