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    Straight Male / 40

    I identify as straight, I absolutely prefer pussy but as of 3-4 years ago I've been interested in young androgynous fem boys. When Craigslist had a Casual Encounter section, I would scour the ads for the youngest sissy fem boy I could find, I would text and chat, even send a few pics, when the fem boy would ask my age and I said I was a mature male, it was a turn on for him... And that's how I eventually started meeting effeminate young sissies.

    One time I lucked out, I met a fem boy who looked so much like a girl that it was amazing, she had the mos delicious pouty lips too, so sexy, I had a motel room for a day and it was a nice summer's day. When she knocked on my room I was shirtless (I am a bit cut and have a hairy torso), when she saw me she actually said "OMG!... love your hair so much.."

    She said she loved older men, and since I have a latin accent, she was more horny... So soft skin, this fem boy was taking female hormones so titties were developing too... small shaven cock, very cute dick.

    We fucked and sucked each other, she licked my asshole and called me daddy as I fucked her asshole hard.

    Here's the thing though, and it is my fault, this fem boy was a 17 year old.. it dawned on me soon after thats why she was all excited for a much older man...

    Needless to say, i cant stop thinking about fucking young cute fem boys, it is my main genre of porn watching nowadays for me.

    By the way, if you are a cute fem boy and would like to sext over kik, let me know in a comment

    I have to go beat off now

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