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    Straight Female / 44

    Me and my husband made some homemade videos and sold them on the internet a couple times when we need some money.
    Then we found a place were we can let people watch us do live shows and they pay for requests. A lot of times in private shows guys would pay just to watch me or to do POV so they could pretend like they were doing me. My husband sometimes got jealous because he new I liked watching them jerk off to me.
    We met a guy on there that wanted to pay me to do a video by myself. My husband said OK but he wanted to be there. The guy wouldnt do it but then emailed us later and said OK.
    When we went there there was a bunch of people in the room. At first it was normal stuff like most guys wanted. Just play with myself.
    They were all telling me how good I look and even sayin to my husband that he better watch out.
    Then the guy in charge asked me and my husband if We wanted to make an extra thousand. I said yeah. So he called out this big black dude that was hanging out there. I seen my husband and could tell he was jealous but he didnt want no one to kno so he didnt say nothing.
    The guy went down on me and then fucked me.
    My husband got mad later and we got ina fite because he said I wasnt faking when I came.
    I dont have no regret about it tho.

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    Wow, you are one sexy whore. Good for you, you got a hot fucking and got paid for it too.
    11 days ago

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