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    Straight Female / 22

    A few years ago I was living at home near a lake that I swimmed in. The public access was a couple miles away but much closer was a private launch that was really in disrepair but the water was fine enough to swim in and what passed for the beach was surrounded by trees and the like really secluding it. For the longest time I never knew who owned it until one day I met him. He was a nice guy, probably late 30s, and kind of good-looking. I found out he owned the lake house near by and was rarely up there but sometimes he came out to work on it. He told me he didnât mind me using it as long as I didnât make a mess of it. We would talk on occasion, and one day he asked if my bikini was new. There was an old canoe/boat thing on like sawhorses so I leaned against that and told him it was and asked if he liked it. He quickly muttered that I really fill it out.

    Now for perspective I was like 5â1, skinny, and I was a 34DD. He was over 6â tall. He often worked without a shirt on so I could see he was in shape with a hairy chest and tummy. I tried playing it off as no big deal by saying they were just boobs, whatever. He laughed a said something like âoh so youâd be okay with someone just walking up and having a feel?â I laughed saying maybe not anyone. He stepped in front of me and as I was leaning on the canoe I instinctive leaned back which had the added effect of shoving my breasts out. We stood like that for what felt like forever, not touching but I was taking nervous breaths unsure what would happen. He reached up... and grabbed a rag from behind me. I half jokingly said âHere I thought you were going to cop a feel.â He laughed saying something like âI think youâre beating me to it.â It was now that I realized my fingertips on one hand were lightly touching his tummy just above the button on his shorts.

    It was here that my whole mood shifted. I went âOhâ and started gently caressing his tummy before slowly working my fingers down and rubbing the front of his shorts. He asked what I was doing and I said âexploringâ. I could feel him growing thru the fabric. I asked him âDo you...?â I donât remember if I was asking if he wanted to explore too or wanted me to stop but I was unzipping his shorts and noticed his eyes were closed and he was breathing heavy. I reached in thru the zipper and grabbed him. He gasped. I couldnât but help give a quick, high pitched moan myself.

    I didnât realize until I pulled it out but he was really thick. I could feel it but seeing it was something else. It didnât take long for him to be fully sprung. One hand I held him at the base, the other was feeling him. He stood close to me, one hand on either side resting on the canoe. I could feel his precum and he was close enough that as I stroked him his tip would brush my stomach, leaving streaks of precum on me. By this point I was pumping away on him. My arm was getting tired. He put his hand on my hip and slowly brought it up to where it was next to my boob. I stuck my chest out a little to hunt that it was ok. He brought it over and grabbed my entire boob. I went âYesâ as I gently moaned.

    I noticed his body start to tense and his hand went up to my neck and grabbed my hair. He started moanâgrunting and I was looking down as I pumped him faster and harder, until he gave one long moan... and erupted. I donât know how else to describe it as it was a series of long, thick shots that plastered my stomach, running down over my bikini bottoms. He could barely stand and kind of pushed against me. I was still stroking him but I had slowed my rhythm. I said âwow. Is there always this much?â He chuckled that it was like that most times. I had considered trying going down for the first time but wasnât sure I could fit him in my mouth and after his orgasm I was glad I didnât try. I probably would have drowned! Ha ha!

    Since we were safe from prying eyes I took my top off so he could see my boobs and feel them up for a bit. I found myself rubbing his load all over my stomach while he did. Eventually I got in the water to rinse it all off. We had a couple more encounters that summer but eventually he sold the house and I eventually moved out of state.

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    Did you go further during these other encounters? Did you find out how it felt to have that thick cock spread out your young c**t? Did you learn how to handle him orally and taste his spunk?

    How old were you? If you were underage, did he know?
    13 days ago
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    I did try to take him in my mouth later and that ended on my face.
    13 days ago
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    So you were never tempted to let him stretch out that teen pussy of yours? Did he ever reciprocate and give your crotch a proper tongue lashing?
    12 days ago

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