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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    I dont regret it. It was my neighbor when we were in middle school. Same age as me, just two middle school boys watching a movie. Other People were in the room when this happened his sister and little brother on the other couch focused on the movie, all wrapped in blankets like me and him. We’ve been known to wrestle so close contact was something we didn’t think about.
    It was just that night my hand just so ended up on his crotch. I don’t remember the exact starting point I just knew he was getting hard, so curiosity got the best of us perhaps. I started feeling him and the man was raunchy he knew what sex/grinding was, so he started to slowly hump. It was fun i grinned since this was new to me.
    So i got bold and so did he. I remember carefully removing his shorts under the blankets to get to bis yellow boxers, and just slowly pumping it with no words.
    While he began to unwrap me and jack me. It was tedious the couch was behind the other, we tried to be quiet and we succeeded. It was the first time we did it with each other and i felt powerful. I licked his cum with my hand off while he lapped it quickly silently. An hour later and as he headed home we agreed when we were alone to be sex buddies.
    That was a beautiful time of learning for me for 5 year. He say he is straight and i respect that, it his feeling and what he thinks he is. It just that he needs to get off as we grew older.
    We grew desperate it was a secret. At Middle school we gave handies and blowjobs, just quickies to get feel since we knew we can. At home at weekends we went wild with my mouth and his dick. I deep throated and been skullfucked and young me loved that sensation. Shit felt awesome.
    He made me discover I like my hair being pulled.
    And he discovered that he just cant do doggy position. He had to let someone ride him and i loved it.
    As high school rolled around it was harder as we only had access to the bathroom privacy upstairs and the cafeteria one. And eventually it slowly deminished. And i was okay with it.
    We both were, he got a girlfriend and I started talking to men and woman at school. We were at peace and this is my confession. Just a memory i have to share of my first and sometimes quickie man.

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