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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    25th March 2018, I booked myself into a hotel room, got myself prepared and waited for the first guest.
    Four hours later I'd been fucked by eleven men, mostly married men and all of them what most would consider burly men.
    My arsehole was dripping cum and I'd gotten the taste of semen in my mouth too.
    The first to arrive was a regular of mine. Someone who's wife no longer engaged sexually with him. As always with him, it was his shorts and boxers down, me kneeling on the bed and him thrusting his fat cock into my arse straight away from behind.
    Fucking me for no more than five minutes, he'd build up to his orgasm and then blast my insides with masses of hot sticky cum.
    He'd be dressed and on his way a minute or two later.
    One of my invitees, a gent in his mid sixties, arrived with his wife. It's not the first time I'd been fucked in front of someone's wife, but never in that kind of setting.
    She took pictures of him fucking me missionary, and then cumming over my tongue and face.
    There was a double fucking too. Not something I usually agree to, but they'd arrived within a minute of each other. Not wanting to miss Andy, the second of the two to knock on my hotel door, I agreed they could use me as their fuck boy together.
    Their session with me lasted nearly an hour and for the first time in my life, I was double fucked at one point.
    With Andy's larger cock, I mounted him. Then the other chap, the youngest of the day, he slid his dick up my arsehole too. It hurt at first, but by then I'd had seven men fuck me. My arsehole gave a little and I had my second orgasm of the day as Andy and the young man pounded my hole.
    The last to arrive, a guy I've had sex with away from my fuck sessions, is a man who just loves a sloppy well fucked hole to dive into.
    He loves to tongue and rim my hole and I oblige him usually by sitting on his face.
    His cock was also the smallest, yet thickest of the men to fuck me that day, around five inches. But then with his stamina and his ability to last fully erect, he eventually fucked me all over the room and in the shower. Once he'd cum up my arse, he put my legs over my head and tongued out my hole of his own cum. Still rock hard his thick cock was thrust into me again.
    He also drove me to my intense orgasm, with his cock slowly grinding into my arse as we kissed in the missionary position.
    Eleven men serviced and totally energised by the sex they mostly are denied by their wives.

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