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    As I was growing up you date and do people the same age as you. Times has changed. Society accepts older men being with young women and young men dating older women. At my age I basically have no sexual interests. I would hear stories from certain women how they let themselves be seduced by younger or they enticed younger to be seduced by them. I figure it's not proper doings. Lately trying not to be bored I get on the internet to find things to do. Now and then I visit a porn site just for the hell of it. I decided to contribute my story so you people get off reading about this sinful granny.
    I have long big breasts, which attracted guys when I was younger. I used to dress sexy for the guys when I was young for them to eye me. Now I'm just a senior granny figure out in public being friendly to others. I shop regularly at this grocery store. Tom, the stock person, and I would chat a bit. We got to know each other. Then one hot day I saw Tom walking. I stopped and he told me his car was in the shop, so I asked if he would be interested in coming over to my place for some cold ice tea. "It's my day off and I have nothing better to do." and he got in the car. I guess I made a mistake of patting him on his bare leg, telling him I enjoy chatting with him at the store. He was wearing shorts. I didn't know my blouse became unbuttoned and he saw my cleavage. He helped me bring in the stuff I had in the car.
    As I poured his ice tea I noticed he was down blousing me. As I coming back from putting away the ice tea, he said my nips was showing from the cold a/c air. He told me he sees a lot of erect nips at the store from the a/c air in there. I was embarrassed. He got up walked around looking at what I had I the house. I noticed he had a boner in his shorts. A dirty thought came in my head, "It would be nice to be pleasured, but he's too young and probably would be interested."
    I sat on the couch holding my ice tea. He sat in the sofa chair across from me. I don't know if he done it on purpose, or was just unaware his boner was showing up his pant leg. I didn't realized I was playing with my erect nipple until Tom said I had great nips. I was so embarrassed. I didn't want to be looking up his shorts, so I told him to sit next to me. He put his arm around me, "You're a cool senior." and kissed me. I wasn't expecting him to be so casual, so I decided to kiss him back and he suddenly wrapped his other arm around me and locked lips with me. I pushed him away and yelled out "Tom!" He said he was sorry and he'll be leaving. I told him that I just wasn't expecting a young guy like him be interested in a granny figure and I was kind of rusty of pleasuring a guy. "You just sit there and let me enjoy you. Your granny tits excites me!" as he felt my breasts and removed my top. He wrapped his mouth on my erect nips. I felt uneasy but turned on. "Let me see you suck your tits" he said. I lifted them up to my mouth. As he watched, he took off his shorts exposing a nice looking cock and started to stroke it. Then he told me to wrap my breasts around his dick, so I did. He told me to get up and remove my bottoms and lean into the couch. My breasts dangled and he started to hold them up with his hands as he was trying to put his cock in me. He finally succeeded and it felt so nice in me that I started to play with my clit as it was in me. He pulled it out and rubbed his cum with penis over my butt checks.
    I dropped Tom off at the repair shop. From that day I stopped shopping at the store that Tom worked at. It was nice to be used by younger, but I rather bare my breasts on web cam which I found is more fun.

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    You shouldn’t be that way, enjoy life to it’s fullest, and the age difference can add to the pleasure for both, he would not have been hard if it didn’t excite him, go back to rage store and if it happens, no harm done and great sex puts smiles on faces, we need that today...
    14 days ago
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    I agree with #1. If you think you can train the lad to be a good fuck toy and don't get all wound up about having some sort of relationship, enjoy yourself and get your needs seen to with Tom's young cock and tongue.

    Assuming you're free to fornicate with whoever you want, you can always sign up for one of the cheesier dating sites. If your in any way attractive, you and some artfully daring pictures featuring those granny tits will likely get a lot more attention than you expect.
    14 days ago
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    If I found a younger guy that wanted sex like him, I’d be all over him! I’m 56 and been sexless for way too long. I’ve seen some young guys in stores walking around erect in their shorts or pants, that just made me so horny. I’ve seen one of my sons friend sitting in our living room with his erect penis showing! I could see up his shorts leg
    14 days ago
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    #3, have you ever returned the favor? Gone without panties and/or bra and let him have a peek at the goods?

    Were you giving him an upskirt look when you saw he was hard?
    13 days ago

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