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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    When I was a kid I had a few iMessage when someone showed me their cock, I did touch and older boys cock and the age of 10, at age 14 I junked off with anther boy a few years Oder, I ask him to let me put it in my mouth, but he said no,

    A short time later my best friend and I were at his house and no one else was home,I donât remember why but he came out of the bathroom naked, he was a small framed young man at 14, but well built and cocky...
    He had a huge cut cock, I was taken back to say the least ,his cock was at least 2 times as big as mine...

    He taunted me with it, I know he wanted me to have it but I think because we were such good friends he stopped short of giving it to me, at the time I didnât know I would have loved t too, I didnât discover my bi side till I was 18
    At an adult book store were I let a man suck my cock,, he was great at giving head, and I went back many times for head, much later in life in my 50âs I discovered how great a cock feels in my mouth..

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