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    Straight Female / 38

    In high school at 16 years old, I was a goody goody girl I guess, though I dressed like I wasn't. I was attractive, had a great body and wore very short skirts whenever possible. One morning I was called into the principals office during the first 10 minutes in home room before we went to classes. I was told my skirt was too short and to go home and change. I walked the two blocks and changed. Though the new skirt was only 2 inches longer it covered more so it was ok. On my way out of the male principals office I bent over to pick up a piece of paper on the ground and showed him my ass and through my opened legs my hairy pussy from behind. I didn't wear underwear but met his dress code. I knew I was right, he didn't say anything about my lack of underwear.

    I realized I got off on showing myself. Showing my pussy and my ass to him. Not just him though. I have very light skin, very pale white and have black hair which made it more apparent when I flashed my pussy. I showed off to all my male teachers and at least 20 boys through the day. I found myself getting very wet. I started going pantyless very often to school and I have no idea how many boys have seen my naked pussy and ass. It was 2 years before I let a boy have sex with me. I had plenty of offers but waited until I felt it was right.

    It was the right boy. He is now, and still the right husband and father. He also likes when I show my pussy, ass and tits to others. We both get off on exhibitionism. He was the right one.

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    Has he been your one and only or did you test drive a few other cocks before or after you said the vows and settled down to married life?
    14 days ago
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    During a "break" in our dating I went out with a boy before we got married. On our second date he got me drunk and forced himself on me in the front seat of his car in front of my parents house. I never saw him again, and thank heaven didn't get pregnant as I was not on any birth control. During our marriage, at my husbands request he watched me have sex with two others. One guy was only about 4 times the other we would go with off and on for about 5 years. By then I was on BC and my husband wanted them to take me without a condom, so he could see them dripping out of me. They were allowed to have me once then leave immediately. My husband would then lick me clean and we'd make love, or sometimes we'd make it then he'd lick me clean. He didn't want anyone knowing that he liked to lick another mans sperm out of me. That is all over now, we do exhibit me still, and have even had sex out in the open. One time at a nude beach with people watching, and we go to nudist parks a lot for extended stays and do it in front of others.
    14 days ago
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    Had your future husband already broken your cherry or did that honor go to the jerk that forced you?

    Were the two your husband watched have sex with you men you already knew or were they relative strangers selected specifically to bed you? Was there a specific quality [cum volume, dick size, skill] that kept you inviting one back for five years while the other only had four chances at your married pussy?
    13 days ago
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    My wife has told me about how she would show herself to teachers in school when she was 13. I have her tell me these stories when we duck and they really get me off. She said the other girls and she would not wear panties in gym class. When they would stretch before activities, the teacher stood in front of them and could see up those old fashioned wide legged gym shorts we all used to have to wear. He could see their beavers and it turned them in that they knew he was watching. My wife has a thick blonde bush that she got very young and he positioned himself in front of her especially often.

    One day after class, he asked her to stay and help put away equipment. In the locker room, he started kissing her and feeling up her little titties and then started fingering her. He laid her down on the bench and took off her shorts and fucked her right there in the locker room. That story especially gets me off.
    11 days ago

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