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    Straight Male / 45

    One time I went inside of Cracker Barrel wearing nothing but a Barrel with suspenders and was drunk and barefoot. Who really needs dignity? I'm walking barefoot inside of a restaurant without shoes and wearing only a barrel and I am stumbling over merchandise. I then took a Banjo and climbed on top of the counter and began to perform Oh Susana, singing very loudly throughout the store until my drunk ass tripped and fell off the counter, knocking over $100 worth of store merchandise and began rolling into the restaurant as I can see people laughing at me and my lack of dignity. Cracker Barrel workers then told me that I half to leave because I was drunk and because I am not wearing any descent clothing. I than began to burp alcohol in the employee's faces and went inside the restroom barefoot and everyone was completely grossed out and someone nearly spit out their biscuits after seeing me walk inside Cracker Barrel's Restroom barefoot, because fuck being sanitary and I also began singing Oh Susanna in the restroom for an encore performance as I took a shit.

    After taking my shit and not wiping my ass I left the restroom this time in my shit stained underwear as my bare feet had toilet paper with shit stains stuck to my feet then I farted in a customer's face as they noticed my underwear had a big brown streak on them as the guy I farted on was about to go throw up. Then I lifted up my foot and began to smell my feet after walking out of the restroom barefoot in the restaurant as I heard everyone all groaning in disgust as a Waitress told me that I need to go home now. I then went over to my table, grabbed some guy's sandwich, put my foot in his sandwich, and sucked my toes on his sandwich as I pissed off the guy as he took my banjo and bashed me in the head as Cracker Barrel Staff dragged my drunk half naked ass out of Cracker Barrel.

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    Are you the same fucktard that previously wrote the Subway incident? If you are then please seek some serious professional help.
    6 days ago

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