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    Straight Male / 18

    No school means I just sit at home bored most days. So Iâve been masturbating a lot lately. Normally Iâd only do it a few times a week to once daily. But currently Iâm doing it twice daily.

    I was sitting propped up against my headboard in bed yesterday afternoon. It was around 1pm. Had my AirPods in and porn on my iPad. I grabbed my jar of coconut oil from under my bed and put some in my hand, Iâm circumcised so the coconut oil feels great

    Was really enjoying stroking my dick. My dick is 6â long and completely hair free. Im 6â in girth which Iâve read is good. Iâve been shaving off my pubes since I first got then a few years ago, hate pubic hair! So my crotch is very very smooth. I shave it almost daily.

    So Iâm jerking off and really working my head. My mom walks in with some clean clothes of mine. Took her a few seconds to realize I was masturbating! Her jaw dropped and she said I was just bringing your clothes in. I had nothing to cover up with so my mom saw my hard cock and me naked.

    She didnât leave right away, she said thatâs where the coconut oil went. And then said your bald! Like she had never known a guy to shave. My mom proceeded to tell my that my dad is fully natural down there and itâs very hairy. And my erection is the same size as my dads.

    After that she says Iâve said too much and been in here longer then I should have been. She walks out shutting the door says sheâll leave me alone to finish. But not before she said please donât cum on your tighty whities, use tissues or a old rag.

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