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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    Was staying at my grandpas house last summer. Helping him do some work in and around his house. He owns a lot of property.

    Plus he needed some help getting around with certain things. Well I did not know that my grandpa sleeps naked till one morning I realized that he slept on the couch that night. It was 9am and I saw my grandpa naked on the couch. And I couldn’t help be see that he had a huge soft penis! When he got up it dangled down and he had some very low hanging balls!

    My grandpa got up and got a cup of coffee like being naked was natural. Plus I had no idea my grandpa was uncut too. And he had no pubic hair! I think he realized he was naked after a bit because he walked back to the couch and put his tighty whities on.

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    Is this a roundabout way of telling everyone you're envious as all hell and wish you had gotten the dick size gene from this grandpa's side of the family?
    13 days ago
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    Is that it nothing else, didn't he go hard for you, is there no more juicy bits
    13 days ago
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    My Grandpa was German and he had grown up with public nudity, nudist camping and stuff. He was totally comfortable walking around the house naked, never mind that his two granddaughters were there.
    12 days ago
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    #3, was your Grandpa hung like the one in the OP's post? If he was, how old were the granddaughters? Do you know if they ever tried to charm his snake?
    12 days ago
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    h******/w**.streamate.**m I don't get a reply.
    10 days ago
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    h******/w**.streamate.**m why didn't you place om instead of 2 **'s?
    10 days ago

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