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    Straight Female / 24

    So, I have a crush on this girl, we were friends for a year or so but our friendship eventually fell apart, it was my fault for being too clingy. And she made it clear that she is not attracted to me in the slightest. I miss her every day, Iâd do anything to repair our friendship, but she hates me because of how much I drained her energy. And I know I should move on, I know I should forget about her but I canât, sheâs in my heart and she will be forever. Anyway, while we were friends I learned of her greatest weakness: she is extremely ticklish, more than anyone Iâve ever known, she cannot handle it without panicking. And it just so happens that I have a fetish for tickling, go figure. Which leads to whatâs been on my mind lately.

    Okay, so my mind has constructed this very dark fantasy. It more or less involves me drugging her and taking her to a far away isolated place where I will then remove her clothes and tie her up so that she can barely move. Then when she wakes up Iâll announce that this is her âpunishmentâ and sheâll look at me with pure fear in her eyes as my fingers start making tickling motions. Iâll then of course tickle her, and Iâm not talking about obvious areas like stomach/feet, Iâm talking about her private areas like her inner thighs, butt, and even vagina. I imagine her screams and tears, I imagine her peeing herself due to overstimulation as she begs me to stop but I wonât. And then afterwards I imagine drugging her again and taking her back to where I found her, thus making her question whether or not it was even real.

    Yeah, I know, thatâs a fucked up fantasy. Let me make it very clear, I do not wish any harm on this person, I would not and could not ever bring myself to hurt her in any way. Quite the opposite. I care about her to the extent that she is basically family to me, and I would sacrifice my own life to protect her safety if it came to that. But that doesnât stop my mind from creating such a sick and twisted scenario. Itâs messed up, that I can feel both unconditional protection and sexual obsession towards a person like that. When I finish masturbating to this fantasy I feel disgusted at my own thoughts, but while Iâm masturbating it feels like ecstasy. Iâm just feeling like I donât know myself, Iâm supposed to be a peaceful kindhearted person, I hate these perverted thoughts but I canât stop them. Am I just expecting too much from myself?

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    The beauty of fantasy is that it is private and no one gets hurt.
    As long as it's just you and your thoughts, lie back and enjoy.
    Everyone has a dark corner and there is a million shades of grey out there.
    This one is yours
    13 days ago

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