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    On a visit to the relative cousin family while taking bath I aged 20 while bathing was masturbating . As turned to the other side to approach the corner where the drain pit is, I noticed the horizontal crack at waist level on the bathroom door and two little shinning eyes peeping through. I knew it was the 10 year old daughter of my cousin. Feeling the excitement as if to take some cloth which was hung on the hooks on the door, I moved closer to the door so that she may have a good look at my erect cock and she may not come to eye contact. My cock head was almost just 2 inches away from her eyes. Casually turning around and facing the light I started slowly pull back my foreskin to and forth giving the little girl a full demonstration of masturbation. As her mother was busy in the kitchen and father out in office, I gave good fifteen minute jerking action in all possible ways. Soaped the cock and washed it twice watching whether the little eyes were still peeping. When I was about to come, I inched slowly to the door crack for her to see how a cock ejaculates the white sperm cum, on to my palm. After finishing the bath as I found the little girl look at me and trying to look at my waist to see any bulges, I thought to give her some other tease.

    As I was wearing only a small loose shorts and no underwear, laying down on the couch with one leg folded up and the other leg straight, the little seated on the chair at the other end could view my cock through the shorts. As if I am browsing my phone I covered my face and opened the camera view to see whether she is noticing my cock. Yes she was trying to see through the shorts my cock. Casually I scratched my cock with one hand to give it a erection start and excited the girl is watching it was easy erection. After that I got up took the little girl as if loving and allowed her to sit on my lap with the erect penis on the side of my shorts, which I adjusted to be between her butt crack. But I did not touch her in any other ways. She too knew that she is sitting on hot rod and I could feel her butt pulsating on my cock. When I felt I may cum if continued leaving the child moved to my room.

    Further the door crack peeping of the little girl gave me the idea of peeping my cousin's wife. While the gorgeous lady went for the bath, I also peeped for the first time and had a good view of hairy pussy leading to happy masturbation.

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