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    Straight Male / 18

    I have an incredible girlfriend, we met at college. We had many of the same classes, and I am 3 years younger than she is. I started college very young and went through very quickly. She was attractive enough, pretty though not really the type that you would find stunning or heart stopping in any way. She has quite normal brunette hair, always dresses in layers so I noticed her, but not too much. At a blowout party at the end of the school year a couple years ago she was at the party without her layers of clothing. She had on a white blouse tucked into a red skirt that was much shorter than anything I'd seen her wear to classes or around campus. She got so drunk she passed out and a couple of the guys moved her into a bedroom. I didn't notice for a while but then saw guys going into the room and coming out. I asked what was going on and an older student said "free pussy". I went in and there she was, totally naked, lying on her back, hips to the edge of the mattress and her legs hanging over touching the floor. There was a LOT of sperm leaking out of her hairy pussy. I mean a LOT of it. It was all over her pussy, inside and out, leaking out and leaving a dripping pool on the edge of the bed. She was stunningly beautiful when out of her clothes. I never knew she had that good a body with the most perfectly shaped, and sized tits ever. Her nipples soft pink and then my fantasy was interrupted. Two guys came in and I watched as they fucked her. One of them said that makes number 9 as he left. I'm guessing 9 guys had fucked her already. I took some tissue and wiped off the sperm as much as I could and I admit. I also fucked her. I was the 10th guy to r**e her that night. Despite it all, I found her so incredibly attractive it was surreal. I was a virgin till I fucked this perfect woman while so many others had her as well.

    She evidently woke up about 6 that morning, I had taken a second turn in her before I left. She knew what had happened but didn't say anything since she didn't have any idea who had r**ed her, nor how many. Two years later I finally got her to go on a date. We dated a few times, and after several weeks, maybe two months of dating, while we were kissing and groping, she told me about the night of the party. Letting me know she'd been had that night by a lot of guys, but had no idea who or the number of guys that had r**ed her. She said she is over it, and wanted me to know in case I wanted to back out of a potential relationship. I did get out of her that she lost her virginity when she was 15 with a boy from high school, then had sex with one more boy before going to college. At college she had two boyfriends that she had sex with. I told her I was still inexperienced, and she was under the impression that she was my first. She actually was my first, but I was one of the group that r**ed her that night. I have a perfect girlfriend, who is beautiful, stunning, with an incredible body, and we make love as often as we can. She's the only girl or woman I guess, that I've ever had and I hope I can keep her.

    I still have the guilt of knowing that I fucked her, r**ed her two years ago.

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    RAPE....all this says is yourself and 9 other pieces of scum r**ed a drunk, girl!!
    No excuse, cannot be justified you 10 are the scum of the earth.
    Hope it eats at your conscience every day driving you mad and you live a long, painful, horrid existence
    13 days ago
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    Pay as little attention as you can to #1. Your girlfriend seems to have worked through it fine. I suspect the big take away for her was to not drink until you pass out in large parties where few people know you or have your best interest at heart.

    You, on the other hand, have some issues of your own to deal with.

    Point #1, if you can't live with the guilt, find a pretext to break up with her. You cannot, under any circumstances admit to her that you were even at the party, much less that you r**ed her to get rid of your virginity and counted the others that filled her with their uninvited sperm.

    Point #2 is that you can't take away any of the damage done to her that night. Even if you kept a list of all the guys that fucked her that night and went "Death Wish" on all of them, it doesn't change the past. The only person you can even theoretically "bring to justice" is you; and if you're sane you're not going to blow up your life and volunteer for 6 - 8 years of ass r**e to make up for your two fucks that she doesn't remember.

    All that water has flowed downstream. If she's in a good place now mentally and the memory of that night doesn't stop her from enjoying sex with you, do your best to be a good man for her. Love her in spite of the dozen cocks that were in her before you, marry her, and maybe someday plant your seed in her. Don't let her trauma become yours.
    12 days ago
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    #2 it doesn't matter that she seems to have got over it, she was r***d and there is no excuse for that. To the confession guy you will never and should never get over it until you let her know and accept the consequences. One day that girl might be your daughter and how would you like that. Or imagine if it was you had collapsed and 9 guys had you, would you get over it?
    11 days ago

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