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    Straight Female / 38

    When I was in high school and was with my first boyfriend, I used to take his dick in my ass because he thought if he fucked me in the ass heâd be a virgin. So for 4 years I was getting fucked in the ass a few times a week. I can still remember those big loads he used to blow in my ass. Some days theyâre leak into my panties.

    He had a nice thick uncut dick. We never used a condom since we only had anal sex or blowjobs. I remember how friends would say their boyfriend is nice and groomed or shaved. My boyfriend was all natural, he had a hairy cock! 6â long and 6â in girth, I measured it one day. My mom put me on birth control when I first started dating him, guess she expected weâd have sex. I actually told my mom a few years ago that we only had anal

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    You and you BF weâre having amazing times, most girls want give it up and you two stepped out on the edge, did you enjoy it?
    12 days ago
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    Number one I loved anal sex after I got used to it. But it took a month before I got used to it. His dick wasnât long but it was thick, always had me gaping after sex. My husband definitely found out I am an anal sex lover. Iâve pretty much turned him into a anal sex lover too. We have anal 2 to 3 times a week, slowed down on anal a bit because I do love dick in my pussy too
    11 days ago
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    Years ago I knew a girl who's bf wanted to keep her a virgin so he also fucked her in the ass exclusively. The funny part is, a week before the wedding I met her during her girls night out with her bridesmaids and I gave her a quick fuck in the back of her car.
    The boyfriend was kind of mean and didn't care when she said it hurt in her ass but she got used to it and learned to love it too.
    My biggest regret is the one time I took her to a motel and we were making out when she told me she had her period but I could fuck her in her ass.
    I thought she was being so sweet and I didn't wanna hurt her so I just fingered her til she came and I just stroked off and came on her soft round little ass.
    Shoulda fucked her dirtpipe.
    8 days ago

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