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    Straight Male / 26

    My wife is 10 years older than I, married twice before and had many lovers before, during and after her marriages. She was the fuck of my life but before she agreed to marriage she made me promise her something. We never did this before and we'd had plenty of sex. In order to have sex with her, I have to crossdress and make up as a woman. I keep my hair pretty long for her, and I style and blow dry it like a womans style when I dress. It's the only way she'll have sex with me. Lately she has had me dress all day over the weekends taking me out to buy womens outer clothes.

    She is still the fuck of my life, but I feel gay being dressed up so much.

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    Some things in life are not worth the price of admission!
    You already referred to her as "She was the fuck of my life but...." that's past tense.
    You've already made up your mind
    13 days ago
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    Seems you really arenât into the role she wants you in, Iâm guessing it her inner femdom coming out, is she dominant also?

    Iâm not into being feminized either but have over time become turned on by the thoughts of my wife swapping sexual roles from time to time, I like wearing a chastity cage, and I want her to strap on and fuck me,

    This being said I have secretly had gay sex from time to time in my life, Iâm a str8 masculine man by all standards ,a real man, but highly over sexed, so anything kinky has be excited...

    I think it was the taboo of it, I also sucked a cock for my first wife, I was bad at it so she sucked him off....

    Over time with a slow sex life with my second wife I turned to gay sex for the ease of access, then discovered the joys of submission, wow,,,,

    Iâm sure itâs not for everyone, my wife changed her mind about very low, and slow sex life after she discovered I was having gay sex without her,

    Our sex life is much better but we are getting much older now, wish we had started much earlier !

    Hey I get the amazing sex with a kinky person thing, my wife when she was suspicious
    Used to ask if I wanted to wear her panties, I always laughed and thought she was crazy,

    After she busted me ,she made me wear them out in public in the cock cage she bought me,

    That did excite me at work, but soon she lost interest in chastity and me in panties

    I know I wouldnât let her dress me up, mostly because I think I would make a damn ugly women, lol

    But I would do anything in the house she ask between just us....

    My kink goâs even into wishing she would let another man have sex with her and make me watch and serve and service them both, Iâm just a kinky fuck, want never happen...
    11 days ago

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