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    Posted by Anonymous

    What was your first gay time like?

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    I was fourteen and a bunch of guys on my baseball team had a sleep over at my friend's house after our end of the year team party. We were all spread out on the floor in his basement in sleeping bags. We had all stayed up pretty late so everyone was sleeping hard that morning. I had to take a piss real bad so I had gotten up and used the bathroom. The sun was just starting to come up.

    I got back into my sleeping bag. When I rolled over my friend Derrick was sleeping next to me. He was laying on his side on top of his sleeping bag. I did a double take when I noticed he had a hard on. My head was about the height of his stomach so I was starring down the eye of his monster. I took a quick peek around and everyone was still crashed. The more I looked at it the more I became arroused. So I slowly reached out and touched it.

    Once I realized he was asleep I grabbed a hold of it gently in my hands because I've never touched another guy's dick before so I was curious. I wanted to see what it was like to have another guys dick in my mouth so after I looked around again at the other guys, I leaned down and put my lips to the head of his dick. Then I opened my mouth and with just my lips, I put it around the head of his dick. Then I touched my tongue to his head.

    Just then he grabbed the back of my head. When he did that I froze in fear with mylips still around his dick. He pushed on my mouth as he shoved his hips forward and before I knew it his dick was touching the back of my throat. The he guided my mouth up and down the length of his shaft. The more this went on I remember the tighter my mouth got on his dick. At one point I looked up at his face and his eyes were closed and he was breathing hard.

    Then he started going faster and faster until his dick popped out of my mouth. I grabbed it to put it back in but he grabbed my hand that was wrapped around his dick and he started jacking it with my hand on it. Then he blew his wad. I t landed on my face, got in my hair and all over my pillow. After he was done he gave one last squeeze and he released his grip and his dick started to soften. We layed there for about a minute then he put his dick back in his boxers and got back inside his sleeping bag and turned over like nothing happened.

    I was so hard and horny that I wiped his cum from my face and used it as lubrication as I jacked myself off. When I was done I went to the bathroom and cleaned up. When I got back everyone was still sleeping but I had noticed that Derrick had pulled my sleeping back up next to his. When I crawled back in I layed down so I was facing him. He was still facing away from me. Then he reached over and opened up his sleeping bag just so. When I looked down I could see his naked ass. He had taken his boxers off and he was laying there naked as the day he was born. His white ass inviting me in. I tried hard to get hard again but I couldn't so nothing else happened that morning. I did reach down and rub his ass. He slightly lifted his one leg and I could feel his balls but before anything could happen, Charlie woke up and he covered himself back up and then everyone started waking up.

    He asked if I wanted to spend the night the next night but I couldn't. But I did get the opportunity the following weekend. But then you only asked about the first time. :)
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    that was a great story!
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    I'm only going to tell this story because this is an annonymous site. I've only had one gay experience in my life. I'm totally in love with a beautiful girl right now and we plan to get married after we graduate from college next year. So I'm not gay or anything but when you are in your teenage years you are the most horny and boys will be boys.

    It was prom night my senior year in high school. This girl I really wanted to go to Prom with was asked by another guy so I ended up not going. Instead my friend Rob picked me up and we headed to a party that someone was having. There was a keg and everyone was drinking and having a good time. I had a good buzz going on and Rob was getting real toasty. We decided we'd better leave. He was too drunk to drive so he gave me the keys and let me drive his car. I drove tomy house and we both stumbled inside and headed to my room to crash.

    Rob was on the boys gymnastics team in school so he had this awesome body. Nice gymnast kind of body which isn't too big and he was a good looking guy. Rob laid on my bed and almost passed out. I told him to take his shoes off. Well he took his shoes off then his socks and shirt. He unbuttoned his pants but told me to help him pull them off cause he was too drunk. So he laid back on the bed and I grabbed the bottom of his pant legs and pulled. When I did that his pants came down but so did his boxers exposing his pubic hairs, dick and balls.

    I was like oops and chuckled but he had no reaction. I finished pulling his pants off and his boxers were now around his ankles. He kicked his boxers off and was now laying completely naked on my bed. He looked up at me and asked if I was going to get undressed. I took off everything except my boxers. He said let me help you and he sat up and pulled down my boxers. He then grabbed my dick which was still soft and put it in his mouth. He started sucking on my dick! I put my hands on his shoulders and he sucked on me. My dick started to get hard so I went to go lay down on the bed but as I was doing this he never took his mouth off of my cock. I just laid there as he continued to blow me.

    Then he stumbled on top of me and laid on me. I could feel his dick pushing on mine and on my pubic hairs. I wanted more dick to dick contact so I reached around, took a hold of his ass with bothhands and pulled him harder onto me. He got on his knees facing me and pulled me to a sitting position inches from his dick. Without hesitation I took his dick in my mouth. It was kind of difficult to suck it in that position so I got in the doggie style position and put his dick back in my mouth. We would lean over me and run his hands and finger on my ass and up and down the crack of my ass.

    At some point I rolled over onto my back and he fell on top of me and the next thing you know we're in the sixty nine position and we're both sucking each other off. He then asked if I had any vasaline and I said yeah in the bathroom. He told me to go get it. When I returned he put some on my dick and he got into the doggie style position. I remember trying to stick my dick in his ass but fumbled around and couldn't stick it inside of his ass. I was just too drunk. I told him you try it. So he put some on his dick and I laid down on my back and lifted my legs up to my chest.

    He got down between my legs and positioned his dick to my hole and the next thing you know there is this pain in my ass. I pick my head up and can only see half his dick. I realized the other half was in my ass! I laid there holding my pain as he slid the rest of his dick in me. I reached down to feel it and when I could only feel his pubic bone, I realized he was all the way inside me.

    Then he took a hold of my ankles and started fucking me as I took a firm hold of the sheets on my bed. I can't say it was completely feeling good but in a way it was. The longer he went the less painful it was. I'm not sure how long this went on but it was a long time. Next thing you know he's grabbing me around my thighs as my legs wrapped around his head. Then he came inside my ass.

    When he pulled out I was sore but still horny. He laid down on the bed and I started stroking myself hard. He reached over, took a hold of my dick and started stroking it until I came all over his hand.

    The next thing I know I'm waking up to bright sunlight in my eyes. It's morning. Rob is crashed out next to me in his boxers and tee shirt. My head is hurting and so is my ass. I reach down to touch the soreness and remember feeling vasaline in the crack of my ass.

    We never did anything ever again and never talked about it. I spent the next year or so in a state of confusion as to why we did this knowing neither of us is gay. I guess we got too drunk and too horny. I did end up with the girl I never took to prom though. I don't really think about that night too much. I don't have any further curiosity to the same sex thing either. I prefer women. Although if Rob came calling before I get married, I may try it one more time.
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    Mine was totally visual only. It was the first day of gym class in high school. I guess I was thirteen or fourteen. We never HAD to shower after gym in junior high but we had to in high school. So after gym we're all in the locker room and everyone started undressing for the showers. So guys wrapped a towel around them and others threw the towel over their shoulders and let it all hang out. I was walking behind this kid named Jeff and he was one of those letting it all hang out. Something about the site of his ass made me aroused. When I reached the showers I was semi-hard and embarassed. I'm sure my cheeks were very red. I tried hard to think of other things and that helped as my dick went soft again.

    During the shower I would look around at everyone washing and the site of all those dicks and asses all wet and clean was too much to handle. As soon as I started feeling myself starting to get hard I ran to my towel and wrapped it around my waist and headed back to my locker. I sat on the bench with my woody in my towel. I was sure someone saw me and I was scared that I'd be labled gay or something.

    Then Jeff comes back to his locker which is right next to mine. He drops his towel and as he starts to put the combo in his lock to open it, I find myself staring at his dick and am amazed at how thick it is soft. And his balls seem to hang down half way down his thighs. My dick is throbbing by now. As soon as his locker is opened he reaches down to grab his towel and begins drying off his legs and feet. Of course he had to bend over in front of me and I could see the pink little entrance to his ass and a nice set of balls hanging down. I turn the other way and there is John who is also naked reaching up into his locker above mine and since I'm sitting down his dick is right in front of my face. I do a quick look left and then right to see Jeff's asshole and then John's soft dick. My dick is throbbing so hard right now still inside my towel. I grab a hold of my towel to make sure my dick doesn't jump out of my towel and I bend over and the next thing I know I'm blowing my wad. Every time it throbs more cums erupts from my dick. I could feel the warm stickyness. I almost pass out.

    Jeff asks what's wrong and I tell him I don't feel well. I'm just trying to buy time. I throw my shirt on and my socks. I grab my underware on and put them on under my towel. Then I dropped mytowel and put my shorts and shoes on. Because everyone was still around I couldn't really do a good wipe down and I spent the rest of the day walking around school with dried up cum on myself and in my towel.

    After that day I was always the first one in the locker, in the showers and dressed. I tried hard not to think about what I was seeing. Of course after I was fully dressed I would take the opporutnity to look around. I came out to my parents on spring break after my second year of college. Of course that story is for another thread.
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    This next door neighbor boy and I would hang out every now and then. We weren't really friends or anything because we were in different grades. I was a freshman and he was a junior. We'd play basketball in our driveways and stuff like that. One summer during summer vacation while our parents were at work I was over his house and we started playing that quarters game where you try and bounce a quarter into a glass and if you made it but the other guy didn't you would have to drink the glass. Only we weren't old enough to drink beer so we just used water.

    After a while we were both bloated with water so we stopped playing. Well then he suggested we play truth or dare with quarters. So if you lost you had to do a truth or dare instead of drinking a glass of water. Well it wasn't before long before the dares turned sexual.

    It started with I dare you to pull your pants down to I dare you to squeeze your balls to I dare you to hold my dick. Then I dare you to play the rest of the game naked. Once we were both naked it was I dare you to hold my balls to I dare you to kiss my dick. That turned into I dare you to lick my dick two times and I dare you to stick my dick in your mouth. I dare you to suck my dick while I suck yours. The game ended as we both sucked each other off to orgasm.

    We would get together all summer when we got a chance and we always ended up playing this truth or dare game and it would always start and end the same. We never got around to actually doing anything like sex in the butt. Although I did dare him to kiss my ass then lick it once and he did. I think the closest we ever came was when he dared me to let him get on top of my ass and pretent to screw me. He didn't put it in me but he did put his dick in my crack and ran his dick up and down my ass until he came all ove my back and ass. He went to college down south the next summer although we would get together every now and then through the year.
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    these are some fantastic replies! My pussy gets wet reading them!
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    Do you still get together?? Cause I'd love to be in the middle of that!
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    I was at my friends house swimming in his pool and playing pool basketball. The ball bounced off the rim and out of the pool. My friend got out of the pool to get the ball which went into the rocks that had trees, plants and cactus plants before the ball hit a cactus and popped. I'm not sure exactly what happened but he bent down to get the ball, lost his balance in the rocks and fell backwards on his ass right into this cactus plant. He's yelling and screaming so I get out of the pool. He had all these cactus pine needles in his butt. He pulled the big needles out but still had all these little ones stuck. So we go into his house and he goes into his room to remove those needles. Well he couldn't get all the little ones out so he comes out and tells me I have to help him.

    So he gets his mom's tweezers and tells me I have to pluck all those needles out. We're in his room and he drops his trunks around his knees and I'm sitting on a chair behind him plucking out what seemed like a hundred little pine needles. When I got most of the bigger ones out I told him to turn sideways so I could see if I could see anymore. I found a few more and plucked them out. I told him I think I got them all and he ran his hand across his butt and said there is more in there. They were really small and you could hardly see the tiny ones but he obviously felt them. I told him I can't see any more and he said you can't feel them. So I slowly ran my hand across his ass cheeks and felt a few more. I would pick one or two more out, run my hand across his ass again and find a few more. I was pretty sure I got them all out so I ran my hand across his ass a few more times to be sure.

    I told him to turn sideways so I could see if I could see anymore sticking out cause it was hard to see any looking directly at his butt. When he turned sideways his dick was pointing straight out and fully erect. He must have gotten turned on by all the rubbing of his ass or something. At first I prended not to notice but it was hard not to. He didn't try to hide it either. Well I ran my hand across his ass a few more times and was pretty sure I had gotten all of the needles out.

    But now I was kind of turned on by his erection. I was starting to get an erection of my own. When I told him I think that's all of them he turned to face me and his dick was right in front of my face inches from my lips. He had a big dick with blonde pubic hairs and I was looking right at it. I grabbed his hips and pulled him towards me. Once his dick touched my lips I opened my mouth and pulled his big dick into my mouth. My very first taste of boy cock. I closed my eyes and pulled him into me as far as I could. When his dick touched the back of my mouth I opened my eyes and could see he had more dick to give. But I couldn't take any more in. It must have been eight or nine inches long. Bigger than mine for sure.

    I started bobbing my head up and down his cock as he put his hand on the back of my head helping to guide it along his dick. I didn't taste anything and there really was no smell. His dick felt very hard and very warm in my mouth. I grabbed the base of his dick while still sucking on what I could. I was stroking some and sucking the rest. I opened my eyes so I could see what was going on. Then I felt a tight grip on my hair and his stomach started to tighten and I knew he was about to cum. This made me suck even harder and faster. He started saying "oh oh oh oh oh" and then I felt a hot rush of cum in the back of my mouth and the only thing I could think of to do was swallow and I did.

    After he came I still had his dick in my mouth but it must have been real sensitive because he pulled out of my mouth realy quick. He looked down at my hard on and chuckled. When I looked down I could see I had also cum some in my trunks and on my leg. He said he was going to grab a shower and I told him I was going to take off. He tossed me a wash cloth and I cleaned up while he went to the bathroom to shower.

    I didn't think about it while it was happening but afterwards standing alone in his room a million random thoughs of what just happened made me feel really weird. I've seen naked guys in magazines like penthouse and stuff but never actually fantasized about doing it with a guy. But when I saw his dick and how big it was and how close it was to my face something just took over. We both continued to date girls but we would get together every now and then to experiment with each other. But the first time was one of the best times.
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    My sophmore year in high school a friend had spent the night and we were hanging out in my basement. We had a family room down there and a couple of bedrooms. My bedroom was downstairs and my parents and my sister slept upstairs. We were watching movies and some television and it was sort of late. I had a porn video and asked him if he wanted to watch it. Of course he said yes so I went to my room and got it out. I turned the volume down and put the tape in. We watched it and by the squirming we were both doing I was sure we both had enormours boners. Not to mention the movie got us very horny. I decided to seduce my friend if he would go for it. The movie had started about half way through since that's where it was when I last watched it. After it was over I told him to turn the movie off and pull the tape out and bring it back to my room.

    So I got up and went to my bedroom. I turned my light on and I got totally naked and laid on top of the covers in my bed. I'm not sure what he was doing out in the family room but I was waiting for him to come into my room. After a few minutes he hadn't come in yet. So I grabbed my boxer shorts which I had taken off and tossed them into the family room so that he would see them. Then I got back onto the bed. I figured if he wanted to try something he would come in. If he didn't he wouldn't. He turned the TV off and I could hear him coming to my room. I was laying on my back with my rock hard dick laying straight up towards my belly button. Because the light was still on I put one arm over my eyes. I spread my legs apart and waited for him to make a move.

    He walked in and he stopped by the side of my bed. He stood there for about a minute. I was starting to wonder where this was going and starting to feel stupid. He walked over and put the video on my desk and I heard him close the door. I took a quick peek because I wasn't sure if he left or stayed and closed the door. He was standing right there. Then he begin undressing. Mydick was throbbing about now. When he got to his underware he didn't hesitate. He pulled them right off and his dick stood straight out and was just as hard as mine. He got right in bed with me and laid on his side next to me except his head was about chest high. He put his leg over mine and put his hand on my dick.

    His hand was cold but soft. He then ran his hand down until my balls were firmly in his hand. Then back up my dick again. I remained still. Then he put his head on my chest and started rubbing my dick. I moved my leg in between his and could feel his rock hard cock against my leg. I took my arm off my eyes and started rubbing his back. I ran my hand through his hair a few times then pushed his head down until I could feel his mouth on my dick. When I felt his wet mouth on my dick I let go of his head and let him suck me. I spread my legs as far as I could so he could have access to my balls. He took the hint and begin rubbing my balls and sucking me at the same time. As good as his mouth felt I wanted to taste him.

    I gently pulled his mouth off of my dick and pulled him up towards me. He was sure to rub his dick along my leg as he came upwards. I then pulled him on top of me so our dicks were touching. I wrapped my legs around his and started ssqeezing his butt chicks. We were both so horny. We were rubbing on each other when he lifted his head up and his face was in front of me. That's when I grabbed his head and pulled him towards me and we kissed. At first it was a quick kiss then our mouths opened and our tongues meet.

    I then rolled him over onto his back because I wanted to go down on him. I stopped at his nipple and sucked on it for a few seconds then moved down his chest to his belly button where I buried my tongue. I could feel the head of his dick in my neck. Then I tilted my head down and took his dick into my mouth. I sucked on it a few times then ran my tongue down his dick and down his balls. They weren't that hairy which turned me on even more. I took his balls in my mouth and he let out a moan. He pulled my head back onto his dick. Then I made my wat back up between his legs. When our dicks met he grabbed both of them with one hand and begin stroking our dicks at the same time. I reached down and begin rubbing his balls.

    I moved up and sat on his stomach. He reached down and begin stroking me again and I reached behind me and grabbed his dick and started stroking it. I moved up on my knees and put his dick in between the cheeks of my ass but not in it. With his dick stuck between my ass cheeks and my ass holding it in place I reached down and started fondling his balls again. I could feel myself started to cum. I wanted to say something but couldn't. He wasn't going quite fast enough on my dick so I grabbed his hand and helped him go faster and faster until I started to cum. As soon as my cum started to shoot out I let him finish. I shot some on his face his neck and all over his hand. After my breathing started to slow I looked down to see him squeezing the last of my cum out of my now softening dick. Seeing my cum all over his hand was hot.

    I turned myself around still on top of him and moved my soft dick towards his mouth while my mouth once again found his dick. I begin sucking on his dick in a 69 position. He took my soft dick in his mouth! I reached back behind his legs and started pulling his ass cheeks apart while I sucked on his dick. When I put a finger on his asshole he tightened it up. So I didn't try anything with that. So I concentrated on his dick. He released my dick from his mouth and started going mmmm mmm mmm so I pulled my mouth off and started pumping his dick hard and when he started cumming I let him shoot himself on my face. The smell was unique and the cum was very warm.

    We were both exhausted. The smell of wet dick, cum, sweat, and ass was everywhere. I got up and pulled an old towel out and tossed it to him. I cleaned myself up in the bathroom. When I got back to the room he had his boxers on and covered just his legs up with the covers and was laying on his stomach with his nice ass showing through his boxers. I turned the light off and crawled into bed. I reached down and put my hand inside his boxers and ran my hand across his ass a few times. I leaned down and gave him a kiss on the small of his back. Then laid down and closed my eyes. It took about ten minutes to fall asleep.

    The awkwardness that followed between him and I over the next two weeks was painful. Then at a party I ran into him and it was like nothing ever happened. I asked him if he wanted to head over to my house later he asked what for. I was like I don't know. We could hang out and watch that porn video again. He said alright. And we did.

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