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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    For the year we lived at our house, we had mangy cats in and out of our shed and pissing under our porch. We have a two dogs whom have never gone out of our yard etc. One day my son let the dog out to go to the bathroom and she spotted one of the mangy cats. Well, the cat ran and she chased it and caught it in the neighbors yard. She injured the cat and they took it to the vet. Two months later we get the vet bill for 600 plus. The cat had been in and out of the vets office and died two months later, probably from injuries relating to the dog. At that point we had no proof the cat even belonged to the neighbors or that it even died. We consulted a lawyer who told us we had a case. The assholes took us to court and tried to get another 600 for lost wages. We offered the assholes half of the vet bill, which they would not accept. Long story short, I wish we were a little more prepared, but we lost the case and had to pay the vet bill. Our argument was that if the cat had not been on our property, the dog would have never seen it since the assholes house is literally at the bottom of a large hill. Now we have a 600 dollar bill that we cannot afford to pay. I sent them a check for $100 to make payments which they would not accept. We have never had any run-ins with these assholes and are a young couple with three kids trying hard to make a living. The only thing I keep telling myself is that Karma is a bitch. I just hate them soo much right now...I need to get rid of it because they are not worth the energy. ughh

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    Have to agree with you about the wasted energy. They are so not worth it.
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    Pay the bill! Who cares if you cannot afford it!The courts do not care and they are the one who told you to pay.

    YES you are responsible for everything your dog does in your yard and somewhere else.
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    Try black magic. If you're serious enough and can concentrate enough it works. Check the web for details.
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    Not so easy...why is it that their cats can have free reign to go wherever they want and piss all over everything causing my home to smell as well as antagonizing my leashed dog? So because my dog chased the cat and CAUGHT it, now we are responsible for the actions of the retarded cat? Thats just not right. We were more than willing to pay half since we were partly responsible, but they were just as responsible. I hate to say this but Im glad the cat died because at least they were held responsible in some just sucks.
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    You're a moron! If your fucking stupid dog killed their cat, then you have to take responsibility and pay the piper! I'm amazed at how idiots like you manage to get through life intact! UNBELIEVABLE!

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