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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm at the end of my sanity rope and I'm about ready to let go and go sick on their asses! The trash that are supposedly human moved in next to us late in 2006 and have been a pain in my ass ever since. If it's not having traffic in and out all hours of the night and day, it's their damn kids not leaving my kids alone! I mean my kids can't even go out and play without theirs harrassing mine!!! It's not even worth saying anything cause the parents think theirs are so precious and wouldn't do anything wrong...little do they know that noone likes them or their bratty kids!! They lie about everything so you don't know what real?!! Well along comes June of 2008 and next thing I see out my windows is the US MARSHALLS and the FBI surrounding their trashy-ass house arresting the skanky mother. I couldn't stop laughing my ass off!! I was like "oh thank god my prayers have been answered"! Well unfornately she came back home and is awaiting trial for none other then DRUG Charges. Boy was I write?!!!! The new word is on the street she's saying she's pregnant now, and my thought is do you really think that's going to keep you out of jail or prison? NOT!!! But the latest thing is that they have now had their just wonderful landlord put up a privacy fence cause they told him they are having problems with their neighbors?!!!! I'm thinking to myself do you even know who the hell you put in your house?? I'm sure as hell he didn't do a background check on them, cause anybody with a brain in their head wouldn't have let them move in!! Anyways...I'm so happy about this fence I feel like throwing a party! I wish the damn thing would block their whole house so I wouldn't have to see the skank and her fucking bratty kids!! Thanks for letting me vent...I feel better!!!!

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    Be careful girl! You know she think you mite been the one who called the law on her. Be careful girl. My sister stay in a neighborhood like that. They done been shot at and they tried to burn her house. Them fools is crazy when they on that shit!

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