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    Posted by Anonymous

    K this is what happened I had my first kiss but my girlfriend started to avoid me. Then a few days later she dumped me. I asked her why she did it and she said "after the kiss i just feel ackward about it." We were about to go on 3 months and i figured we were both ready to go 1 more step. 2 questions Do all girls feel ackward after the 1st kiss. What do i do I still love her but she said I just want to be friends?

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    i didnt feel awkward after my first kiss(ima girl)
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    Females; they always want what they can't have. I suggest you flow with her wishes and remain just friends, while at the same time start dating others and be open and honest with her about it as friends would be. Remember; you are now just friends so it is VERY important that you do not make any sexual advances towards her.
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    generally, with your first b/f, how long is it before your first kiss?
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    well after my first kiss, i kind of stopped liking the guy because he practically stuck his whole tongue down my throat. it was the most disgusting thing that has ever happened to me and i could barely breathe. and then, he actually believed i liked it. did you do anything like that or was it just a normal kiss?
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    No I didn't do anything it was just a normal few second kiss.
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    could someone answer my question about first kisses? it was:
    with a boyfriend, how long is it usually before your first kiss? and before going further?
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    That's all entirely up to you and him. If you are at all uncomfortable with kissing, don't let him push you ... and if he is uncomfortable kissing, don't push him. I think it is fine to try, but both should be receptive to the desires of the other. If you want to kiss him, try to, see if he wants to. Don't be put off if he does not. And if he wants to, and you don't, don't hesitate to say No.

    I think the guideline should be to use your best judgement, especially if we're just talking kissing. If you're talking about going further, then you really should both sit down and talk about it first, define your boundaries, and stick with them. Don't try to decide in the heat of passion how far you are willing to go.
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    First Kiss - one week
    Petting - two weeks
    Oral Sex - one month
    Intercourse - six weeks
    Anal Sex - 2 months
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    I'm back just wanting to thank everyone with there help, but we talked and we both decided it wouldn't work, and I have a new GF who i really and truly love. Thanks so much for all your help.
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    I think that it's up to the ppl, if you wanna kiss after a week go ahead, or a day it doesn't matter. But with my first b/f it was about 2 weeks b4 we kissed and it was a first for both of us:) (it was in 9th grade)

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