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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I used to live in this condo right below this guy who was the noisiest SOB that ever lived. He had a really great sound system, but he played really awful music like shit by Celine Dion. Barf. I finally broke down and went upstairs at 2:30 in the morning to knock on his door and tell him politely to please turn the music down.

    Well he showed me. The next weekend, I am in my bathroom, and I hear him and his girlfriend .... well I hear his girlfriend doing the aaah aaah aaah thing really loud. They are in the bathroom, which is right above mine. So I just sit there until they finish. And frankly, I kind of enjoyed it.

    That Monday, I get on the elevator to go to work, and it's HIM. He's going to work too. So I smirk at him and say, "Hey, did ya have a great weekend OR WHAT?" And he says, "Next time, I'll keep my stereo on loud." What an asshole. So everytime I saw him around the complex after that, he smiles and lifts his eyebrows at me. Dick. I guess that part belonged in Embarrassing Moments.

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    Your neighbors have the right to fuck whenever they damn want to, and if you enjoyed hearing it, you must not really hate your neighbors all that much. You should do one of the following things. 1. move out 2. turn your stereo or tv up. 3. get a mutherfucking life. 4. get some, so your sick ass dosen't have to jack off to neighbors, how pathetic is that. You are stupid, you don't hate your neighbors, you like to hear them fucking. No wonder your neighbor was sarcastic to you, it was rude of you to ask him anything about his sex life or anything, you are a pathetic ass.

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