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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My neighbors need to go into therapy. All the fat woman does is sit outside and scream all day. She is a loud mouth b**ch and she needs to get a job. She has started a fight with everyone on the block and she is the only reason the police have ever been around here. The husband was once quiet but ever since he started committing insurance fraud and claiming he hurt his leg at work, he has been home doing NOTHING and adopting her evil ways. And all they complain about is parking. They get mad when people park in front of their house. This is a city!!! They come out and tell the old man across the street that they pray for him to die everynight because he is evil. They hate him because he is sick and has a handicap parking spot! But my favorite part is that parking is so horrible around here, but they have two cars! One to drive of course and the other to sit in front of my house as a decoration for the past 6 months! I guess this is revenge for me not complaining about the handicap spot when they wanted me to. I have never heard people talk like this and I have never witnessed this kind of pettiness. I try not to pay attention, but it is SO loud, I would have to constantly sit on the other side of the house. So hey, stop thinking you are better than everyone and find another hobby besides torturing peoples lives!!!!!!!!!

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