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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    For some reason, my neighbors do not screw in their bedroom. They go to their back bedroom which faces my backyard. I have insomnia. I always sit in my back yard at midnight or so, where I hope the cool air will make me sleepy (it never works).

    One night, I was in the backyard, and they were screwing up a storm in the back bedroom. The windows were wide open and for some reason, it echoes. I don't leave. I kind of like listening to him go on and on like that. I just kind of sit in the dark and laugh.

    They do this about once a week, like clockwork. I am beginning to think they are putting on a show for me.

    Sometimes, though, when I REALLY don't want to listen to someone else having really wonderful sex, but must sit in my own backyard, it really fucking irks me.

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    Why don't yoy make popcorn and sell tickets you could make some money!!!!
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    Hell, you bring the popcorn, you can watch for free! Just try not to get turned on.
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    Bust out the video camera and record them, borrow one if you don't have one. Put a copy in their mailbox, try to package it as a slick version of a porn movie.
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    Put up a web--cam and sell subscriptions.
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    I'm pissed at my neighbor because I just recently found out something.

    Our houses are very close together. I didn't realize he had a tinted or blacked out window in his bathroom. I recently found out that he can easily look down on my first floor bedroom...right over my bed!!!
    That SOB has been enjoying my nudity and other activities for three years.
    I realize its not his fault but its very embarassing when I found out.

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