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    Posted by Anonymous

    Eyes drive me absolutely crazy. If an attractive woman with blue eyes looks at me making eye to eye contact I just can't handle it. I have to explode my load one way or another and as soon as possible. It's almost laughable or a phobia of sorts. It's just like the woman can see right through my soul and all of my sexual desires for her. My blue balls are busted every time by blue eyes-foolish as this is-omg do me!

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    Interesting. What color where your mother's eyes?
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    Last time I checked, your mom's eyes are green ... that's only when I bother to look down at her face when I'm throat fucking her hard.
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    weird i find blue eyes slightly cold, but I get what you're saying, they can be very penetrating. still prefer hazel or green but I've always liked warmer colours.
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    That's a sick suggestion! But to answer your question-Hazel
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    Blue eyes with black that's the combination! I'm like you about the blue eyes, but I got lucky and married a woman with blue eyes and black hair. HOT!! Blue balls no more!
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    i have blue eyes and black hair;)
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    I am finally used to blondes with blue eyes, but a dark haired woman with blue eyes-that really blows my mind amongst other areas of my body-SO HOT!

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