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    Posted by Anonymous

    I will with my husband in my bedroom, and we were about to have sex. I reached under my skirt and pulled off my underwear while I was laying down. To my suprise, my tampon pops out in the air and a long stream of painful unstoppable pee followed it.

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    ur pee hole and ur period hole r not the same thing
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    ya really my mom is a gyno and told me u can pee with a tampon on cuz it wouldnt cum out the same hole
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    duh, the tampon stimulated her urine to flow. this is possiable. i'm also sure she knows the diffrence between urineary tract & vagina.........
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    ya but it says pee fllowed it it cant follow it people can pee with a tampon on evn tho its rgoss they can
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    It could have been swollen enough to put pressure on the urethra, closing it off, dumbass. Once the pressure is gone, the built up pressure behind the restriction would cause the stream to flow.

    Think before you post.
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    Yeah.... so what happened next???????
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    why r u arguing over a TAMPON?????

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