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    Ok.. I was at my uncles house and my aunts nephew was there. My uncle just got remarried. So we werent related. Well they have this tree house outside and I was just sitting up there looking at the lake. I am 14 and he is 16. Well, he came up by me and sat next to mme.
    "cool aint it?? The water?
    "Ya. I am going to live by the ocean someday. "
    "Hey... are you spending the night tonite?"
    "Ya. are you?"
    "Yup. My auntie says i should spend time with you. cause you are a "nice" girl"
    I laughed. Then h pushed me out of the tree house and asked if I wanted to swim. "Sure let me get my suit."
    "no.... lets just go in."
    So he picked me up and threw me in the lake. It was really refreshin so i didnt mind. We splashed around till it got dark and the sunset came up.
    "coll huh/?" he asked.
    "ya. Its beautiful."
    "S o are you"
    I smiled and thats when he grabbed my breasts.

    "ummm wahta re you doing?"
    I didnt want him to not like me. I was scared my uncle was watching. But they werent I dont think cause you can usually see in the house at night. I didnt see them.
    "Its ok relax" he said. Then he pulled off my t-shirt leaving me in my blue bra. He laughed.
    "For 14 you have a pretty small rack!"
    "wow thanx."
    "thats what I like!"
    He kissed me and I kissed him back. He then rubbed my nipples. He unstrapped my bra and pushed me under the water. He was kissing me undwerwater! Its so weird when you kiss underwater. But I liked i. He swam under me and grabbed my butt. I rubbed on his chest for a while. I really liked him. He was cute. Tall dark and handsome! Just like any girl wants. So i was playing along. He went back underwater and started to unzip my shorts. he pulled them off and let thim flooat away. I wondered what I would do without having clothes because they were by now inn the middle of the lake. He took off his jeans and boxers. He was pretty big.
    "I like you. I really do."
    "I ... I like you to."
    "really?" He said. You are pretty.
    "Thank you. Your really cute too. "
    "I want you." he said.
    I didnt answer I just kissed him. He rubbed my thighs and then grabbed my boobs once more.
    We ended up making love out there and after that.. I didnt see him again!

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