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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am 17 years old and my bf is 18! (This happened last weekend for a family vacation)
    My boyfriend and I were walking on the beach at 1:30am! It was a private beach so no one was around us. There are caves everywhere. We brought a picnic lunch with use so we could have a little sank with some candles (It was a little windy so we werent sure if the candles would stay lit but they did). Well we went into one of the caves where we had a good view of the ocean.
    We sat up the picnic blanket and lit two of these small candles that we brought with use. My boyfriend is such a romantic person so he brought strawberries and whoop cream. Well we started feeding it to each other. All the sudden i started getting really horny. My boyfriend and I started making out. We made out for about fifteen minutes when we started ripping off each others clothes. I was wearing a short black dress which was really easy to take off. After he did he started rubbing my breast and licking my stomach. I was still wearing my thong so then he slid it down really gently. Then he started eating me out. I guess he was still hungry. When he finished with me i started with his dick. I sucked it for along time until he finally cummed into my mouth. He still wanted me to keep sucking cause he was hold my head down but i finally made my way to his mouth but it was gross for him to make out cause my mouth had his *juice* all over it so i just started humping him.He grabbed my tits as i mouned and we were humping it felt so good we went fast and wild. we did that for awhile untill we hurred someone out side. We stopped quickly and got dressed and went out to see who it was. It was my mother and father sitting and watching the sun rise. I whipped off my mouth and went over to say hello to them. THey looked at me with strange eyes and then i saw that my dress had a whole bunch of cum on it. They werent to happy with my ROMANCE ON THE BEACH.

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    At your age, since you obviously haven't put much effort into learning English, you should at least learn how to use spell check. As for the cum; well it sounds like you learned one leson; you never give it back to its maker. One is led to wonder if you would enjoy kissing a guy who's mouth is still coated with your pussy juice?

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