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    Posted by Anonymous

    what kind of underwear do u wear, and what do u sleep in?

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    I'm a guy but I wear womans underwear, for work hanes sport string bikini, for sleep, no brand name silk bikini, anything else you would like to know?
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    Yes, I'd like to know how much dick can you take?
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    I like to wear a gstring so high soo you can SMELL the pooo on it mmmmmmmm, soooo nice mmmmm mmmmmm mmmm delish! Extra saucy for you.
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    Females are disgusting.
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    Males are assholes
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    wellthongs and g strings thats all i wear.....and i hope that none of u women wear granny panties
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    I being a male like to wear panties. Where do I get the panties? Whenever I go over to a friend's house, I ask to use the bathroom. I always hope that a clothes hamper is in the bathroom. If there is a clothes hamper, I look through it and look for a pair of my friend's sister's panties or even a pair of his mother's panties. He has a decent looking figure on her and she probably wears the same size panties as her daughter. When I find a pair of panties, I put them in the front pocket of my pants and when I go home, I sniff them and give them a big lick or two and then I wear them to bed under my pajamas. Then I dispose of them the next day by burying them in our garbage can. Of course I can't do this everytime because they will notice that their panty supply is getting low.
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    Well i'm a 25 year old woman and i like wearing either lacy thongs and g-strings or see through lacy underwear and i don't wear anything to bed and because i get hot during the night i usually don't have covers on my bed either. sometimes i don't wear a bra because my breasts are naturally perky an people don't notice. my wardrobe consists of white singlets(almost see through) and very short shorts which i wear sometimes without underwear because the shorts are as tight as underwear. when i go to the beach my bikini doesn't cover my breasts properly and i wear a g-string bottom. i usually don't wear anything around my house which has many windows and in a busy area. In fact i'm naked at the moment and enjoying the pleasure of my vibrator. Anything else you want to know?
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    Yes please ............ Do you have just a small pecker or is it really tiny like they say it is?
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    Oh yes and another thing ........ have you ever attended school? Because you write and spell like a 6 year old.

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