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    Posted by Anonymous

    What was it that made you realise you were in love?

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    When my wife-to-be had terrible stomach pains her doctor couldn't diagnose. The fact that my own grandmother had died of pancreatic cancer, which had gone undiagnosed till it was too late, made me all the more fearful for her. That was when I realized I couldn't be without her.
    Not only did I realize that I was in love, but the doctors finally realized my future wife only had irritable bowel syndrome.
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    The way she looked at me through the wire panals, cold and scared, surrenderd by her family to the pound, young, just a puppy, but now she means more to me than any human on this planet.
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    Ive never been in love
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    The feeling that I could never live a moment without him I just knew after 3 months of dating. I was half asleep one early morning and I heard him whisper "I love you" before closing his eyes. The first time I told him I loved him I wrote it on his back with my fingertips in Walmart! lol! We were engaged 5 months later and have been married for a little over 2 years! I love him more now than ever!
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    Oh, gag me with a spoon.
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    Hey buddy, you got a better story?
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    I guess it's true that misery love comapany...just because you are a cold hearted piece of shit with no life and no future you feel the need to spread your hate here...well I am not buying it buddy. I am in love with my husband and love him more everyday! That doesn't make me sappy it makes me lucky. I feel sorry for people that never found love.
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    You are probably in love with his cock more than anything.
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    God! Does she soil herself in public with you?
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    Let us know the first time you see him looking at another woman at a bar and you check his pants and see wood.

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