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    Posted by Anonymous

    My neighbor is 75, widowed. Last year she was telling me about a dinner banquet, but that she had no one to go with.
    I offered to take her. She first said no, because she's 30 years older than me. I told her that I clean up good.
    Anyway, Saturday night I took her to the banquet, and we danced a few slower songs.
    All of her friends were watching.
    That evening when we went home, she said she hadn't had such a great time in ages.
    Two weeks later, a friend of hers asked if I was available to attend a play with her.
    When I dropped her off, she kissed me. It had been awhile for me, so I reciprecated.
    We made love that night.
    The next day, she sent me 1/2 dozen roses and a simple gold bracelet.

    Long story short, I'm now a regular "date" for 8 older women. I don't feel bad that they buy me gifts, or have sex with me, because we really do have fun going out.

    My advice to all that complain about older people should give them a chance.

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    Gross? He's giving them what they both want (sex), and he's getting gifts for it. I say, go for it!
    I was 18 and had a sexual encounter with a 60 year old woman I met at a dinner party. She looked MAYBE 40. That night was a lesson that's helped me make a lot of women happy.

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