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    Posted by Anonymous

    Did you ever sit around with your buddies and see who could tell the biggest story?
    That's what a lot of these stories are - whoppers.
    Even the shows like Springer doesn't have half of the stuff that winds up here.
    Stories of urinating in your clothes, or having a B.M. are rediculous. Anyone past 1st grade learns how to hold, or go before it gets too late.
    I think a lot of people just try to gross everyone else out.

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    I agree. You can also see repeat writers by their spelling errors and writing style.
    I think if someone is going to post a fake story, it should be funny, entertaining, or stimulating.
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    Well, many stories are probably fake, but some are also probably true..sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. My story "full load" in the Gross section did actually happen..I had stomach cramps...and yes I was embarrassed and grossed the third grade.

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