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    Posted by Anonymous

    My two girlfriends were bore with all the pantsings we did to boys. We wanted to strip one naked and see more than just undeware. Eric was the quiet boy in our class that everyone picked on and got some boys to help us do it. There was this beaten down house on the beach, that we used as a hide out for smoking pot with no one around. We all got to the beach and Eric took the bate. We jumped him behind the house and took off all his clothes and he got a boner right in front of us. He was so scared we were going to run off with his clothes and leave him stranded naked, that he did everything we wanted. We forced him to stand naked with his hard dick stick out so we could get a good look at it. We told him we would give his clothes back if he yerked off in front of us. We got so wet and excited looking at him stroking his dick, and finally got him shotting his stuff out all over the ground. We got ourselves a little slut boy, because we got it all with our cel phones.

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    WTF ?
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    Meth does that to a person.
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    stupid is as stupid does.
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    You bitches are crule ... your the kinda girls that cry wolf .... if that happend to you you'd cry rape .... SLAGS!!!!!

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