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    Posted by Anonymous

    I work in my Local Marina & Parks Recreation service. I always work by myself, so its a pretty easy job. I was doing a mandatory inspection of the girls bathroom in one of the Marina buildings yesterday. While I was observing and taking notes of obvious things that needed repair work, my skirt suddenly fell off. I was half naked for a moment while I looked around to make sure nobody was there, I quickly squatted down to pull my skirt up but squatted a little too far and released a LOUD BURSTING FART!!!!. It echoed across the bathroom but good thing nobody was there. Still I felt so embarrassed of myself. I continued my work, but decided to sit down on the toilet in one of the stalls for a moment while noting more stuff I came across. When I went to sit down though, my skirt fell off again, so I figure okay, whatever....I'll just leave it down and close the door while my skirt was off. Well as I'm sitting there writing everything down while looking around for more things.....I just began to pee like crazy into the toilet bowl. Good thing my skirt was already down, cause I was caught totaly off guard not expecting to sit down and go pee for any reason. I was surprised at my sudden peeing burst. I did not intend to sit down to use the bathroom but that's what happened. I sat there for nearly 5 and a half minutes Farting & Peeing noisily. Once I reached midstream, I realized my bladder was incredibly overloaded and I would be peeing for quite some time. When I finished peeing, my bladder was not even empty yet. At least I was done pooping though, so I wiped myself and pulled my skirt back up and continued my work, well again 10 minutes later I was bending down to look at something on the wall, and and write it down and my skirt again fell off. I knew I had to pee, I quickly ran inside one of the stalls, closed the door, locked it and sat down just in time to start peeing again for another 5 minutes. Good thing nobody ever came into the Marina bathroom that day, I literally spent the whole time on the toilet, peeing while I was writing down stuff. It was a rather weird day, nothing really that I expected. I just ended up going pee all day while working. It would have been so embarrassing though if anybody saw me.

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    ooh, that must have sucked. That happened to me a once, infact quite a few times in one day as well. Only I was wearing my skirt when I started peeing unexpectedly. It was so embarrassing.
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    Both this and your other story, Peed In My Office, are a lot of BS.
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    Yeah, whatever. If you're really peeing for five minutes at a time, go and see a urologist. And if you're not, make it a psychiatrist.
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    bull fucking shit

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