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    Loretta and I had just attended a piano concert and we were waiting in the attended parking garage for an attendant to bring my car forward. Neither of us had been able to go to the bathroom for several hours and both of us had imbibed a few beers just before the concert. Now we were standing on the platform waiting for my car while there were many other patrons doing the same. While I was somewhat uncomfortable with the stress on my bladder, I couldn't help but notice that Loretta was getting desperate for a pee.

    She shifted her weight from one foot to the other and occasionally walked around in a small circle. She was wearing an off-white suit with a straight skirt and powder blue blouse. She didn't mention the cause of her discomfort, as it wasn't the sort of thing ladies did in 1963. And, I didn't mention it either for the same reason. Besides I was beginning to wonder if I would outlast her.

    Finally she told me that she needed to go and wondered if she went to the restroom in the garage if she would hold up the crowd if she were still there when my car was brought down. I must admit that I didn't like the idea of explaining to the crowd that we must wait for my date to pee before I could move my car. So, I told Loretta to hold on a little longer. We would be at Jake's Place in just a few minutes I told her.

    Jake's Place was a favorite after hours club for food, drink, and socializing. That is where we had planned to go after the concert. Loretta now wondered where the ladies' room was located at Jake's. I told her that I didn't remember but I was sure that it was prominent and accessible. The outer muscles on my bladder were contracting and I was getting pretty worried about my own condition, so I reassured her that the ladies' room at Jake's would be forthcoming if she would just put off going until we got there. She agreed to hang on at about the same moment my car was brought down.

    While seated in the car for the 3-block trip to Jake's I had an occasion to grab my member in an effort to resist wetting my pants. I couldn't help but think about Loretta's inability to grab herself as well, since she was trussed up in a tight skirt. She fidgeted the whole way to Jake's and when we parked I have to admit that I couldn't find a parking space very close to the club. When we got out of the car the first thing I did was grab my member and hold on a few seconds while the car concealed me. Loretta gave out a slight moan and sort of doubled up but in a few moments she was standing straight and ready for the block and a half walk to Jake's Place.

    After about a half block walk she moaned that she couldn't hold it any longer and she bent over and crossed her legs. But, all her preventative measures were too little and too late and she proceeded to wet herself there on the sidewalk beside Jake's Place in the dark of night. Her pee was flowing over her crossed leg and therefore wetting her skirt, which was drawn tightly over her leg. I watched as a dark stain began to cover the front of her skirt and then watched as a puddle began to form at her feet. The only reason I didn't lose control and wet myself is because my member was by now hard and erect and incapable of passing urine.

    I walked over to her and put my arm around her shoulder and asked her what she wanted to do. Take me home she demanded and I agreed to do so. She was moaning that she couldn't believe she had done this, that she peed herself like a little girl, that there was no way she could hide what she had done.

    We were back in my car where I had furnished her with a beach towel to sit on so she wouldn't get my car seat wet. My sympathetic feeling for her situation was such that I no longer had an erection and found it necessary to hold myself during the trip to her place. Loretta was silently wishing she could go somewhere besides back to her shared apartment where she would have to show her roommates her wet skirt and pants and I definitely wanted to go somewhere closer than her place as well, before I wet myself. I was definitely on the verge.

    She agreed to go to my apartment since it was closer and she would worry about her situation when we got off the road and I would also worry about my situation in the privacy of my own home.

    The dark stain on the front of her skirt no longer excited me nor did the anticipation of seeing the stain on the back of her skirt. While my date had peed all over herself, my situation was so desperate that I could no longer think of her humiliation as I was on the verge of humiliating myself.

    We pulled into the driveway of my place and I held myself as I circled around my car to open the door for Loretta. Then I let go as I opened her door and then I lost any semblance of bladder control and proceeded to pee all over myself as she exited the car. I couldn't move and she looked at me and let her gaze drop down to my pants where she saw me wetting myself. A dark stain was spreading from my crotch to my ankles. There was no hiding the fact that I was wetting myself. I looked at her and she was smiling. "Shall we slosh our way inside?" she said.

    Although I had come close to wetting myself before, while on a date, this was the only time that it had actually happened. I was totally humiliated and the only thing that kept my head up was the fact that she had humiliated herself first. She teasingly said, "My skirt isn't nearly as wet as your pants."

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