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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was playing cards with my girl friends at my place one day and we all made bets on who would win, well trying to make the case that I would win was not such a good idea even though I was so good at playing the game itself. I ended up losing my bet and also the game and since the loser had to do whatever everyone said to do, I had to strip completely naked and pee in front of everyone. Well I did have to go pee pretty badly at that point anyways since I'd been drinking too much soda. So feeling embarrassed and like a total loser, I sat there and started Peeing like crazy all over myself and the floor while all the girls laughed and cheered the whole time. I was squirting so hard it totaly soaked the carpet underneath me. Then to make it worse, I was trying so hard not to but I suddenly lost control and I let out a LOUD HISSING FART that only made go pee even harder than I already was. I must have been peeing for at least a good minute or longer, it seemed like forever before I finally finished. All the girls were quite impressed, one of them said, dang girl you can pee way longer than any of us can. But to make a long story short, the bet was if you lost you had to pee naked in front everyone and I ended up having to do so which was so embarrassing. I hope I never have to do that again. I still get teased about it even today from all my friends that were over that day.

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    thats one party i wouldn't miss
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    "dang girl you can pee way longer than any of us can." Well my question is, how did she know how long all the other girls could pee for?

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