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    Posted by Anonymous

    The store was very quiet and so i decided to try a few items of clothes on. After trying them on i realised i was the only person in the fitting rooms (other than the assistant who checks how many garments are taken into the room) and i needed to pee in the worst way. i gave the clothes to this girl of about 20 and asked her if she could tell me where the loos were. I was actually pressing my hand between my legs in a struggle to hold back the flow as i asked her. She apologized and said there were no public loos in the store. I then looked at her and said i was sorry but i was going to wet my pants because I just could not hold it any longer. i went back into the cubicle without closing the curtain lifted my skirt in full view of the girl and totally soaked my knickers and tights. The girl looked dumbstruck as i again apologized and walked past her.

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    If you really didn't know you needed to pee until 20 seconds before you wet yourself you need a doctor. Otherwise you should get some sense and go when you need to and not wait until you can't hold on any longer and mess up a fitting room like that. It's incredibly rude and inconsiderate.
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    When I was pregnant with my second, I was trying on maternity clothes in the Babymart. I had to use the bathroom and got the same type of reply "Sorry, the bathrooms are for employees only. I was ready to cry. I had a cart full of maternity and baby clothes and my first child was in a stroller. I knew that I could never make it through the line and out to the car before I wet myself.

    So I went back into the dressing room, pulled out a Pampers, and peed onto it.
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    Wow that was great thinking.
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