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    Kareen gasped and slipped a hand between her legs. Her denim mini skirt was practically round her hips and Josh, sitting in the bus seat beside her with a protective arm around her shoulders, could have looked down and seen her knickers from crotch to waist had he wanted to. But he was too much of a gentleman, so he averted his eyes and tried to think of ways to help Kareen hold on.

    This was so not how Kareen had wanted their first date to end. She had wanted to get to know Josh properly first, and then choose the right moment to tell him about her weak bladder and the problems it sometimes caused her. But now ... oh well, there was little point crying over spilt milk. She crossed her legs and clenched her thigh muscles tightly.

    "I'm sorry," she whispered. "This wasn't meant to happen."

    "D on't panic Kareen. Nothing has happened really," Josh soothed, "and I'm sure you'll manage to hold on."

    "I'm not," said Kareen. "And anyway, how do you know nothing's happened?"

    "Your body language," said Josh. "It's still the body language of someone who is struggling to keep her panties dry. The body language of someone who's just wet herself, even a little bit, is altogether different."

    "And you'd know about that, would you?"

    "It's a reasonable surmise."

    "Okay," Kareen conceded. "So I'm still holding on by the skin of my teeth. But this bus is going to take another fifteen minutes to get to my stop, and I really don't think I can hold this pee that long!

    As if to emphasise the point, she drew breath sharply and sat very still for a moment or two, then relaxed slightly.

    "Okay?& quot;

    "No, " she sobbed. "I just wet myself a little. Look."

    She took her hand away from her pussy and uncrossed her legs for a moment, then desperately crammed both hands back into herself. During the brief moment when her hand was not obscuring his view, Josh saw that she was wearing full-cut cotton knickers with broad horizontal candy stripes in pink, purple, red and creamy white; and that there was a large, round dark patch between her legs.

    "Oh K, I'm sorry," he said. "I should have just called for the bill rather than suggesting we have coffee to finish the meal off."

    "Don' t be daft," she said. "You can't have a meal like that and not finish with coffee."

    " It would have saved you from your present plight."

    "Not necessarily. This isn't exactly the first time, you know."

    "What?" said Josh, incredulously. "You mean..."

    "Yes," she said. "I'm afraid I've peed myself on the bus home more often than I care to remember. I'm a bit accident prone like that."

    "O h," said Josh.

    "I do try desperately hard not to pee myself on a first date though, because - well, it does tend to put people off. But sometimes, well, sometimes it just sort of happens."

    " Like now?"

    She smiled meekly and nodded. "Like now."

    "Well," he said, "I want you to know that it really doesn't matter as far as I'm concerned. I think you're a smashing girl, and I really would like to spend some more time with you. The whole you, that is. The real you. And if the real you has a tendency to pee her panties from time to time, well then, I guess that's the you I want to be with."

    Kareen shifted uncomfortably in her seat as the extreme pressure in her extended bladder continued to increase.

    "It's not just from time to time," she said. "It's pretty much all the time. I guess I manage about one accident every couple weeks."

    &quo t;Really?"


    "Well," said Josh, dropping his arm from her shoulder to her waist and tracing down with his finger across her knickers to her exposed inner thigh, "it doesn't put me off you at all."

    She turned her face to his and kissed him; and he in turn brought his fingers gently up to make contact with the soft, damp fabric of her knickers between her legs. She separated her thighs slightly and moved her hands to make room for his and he stroked her gently up and down, lingering lovingly at the warm damp spot where she had wet herself.

    "Don't,& quot; she whispered urgently. He looked at her quizzically. "That is," she continued, "not unless you want me to start peeing right here and now."

    "And if I stop," he replied, "how much longer will it be before you can't hold it any longer anyway?"

    "Not long," she sighed. "I'm pretty confident that I shan't be able to hold on all the way to my stop. My knickers are already a bit wet."

    "So what difference does it make?"

    He resumed stroking her tenderly through the damp fabric of her knickers, and she did not resist. She moaned softly as her nipples began to tingle and harden and she felt herself becoming more and more aroused. Suddenly he stopped and, lifting his hand slightly away from her knickers, looked enquiringly down at her. She quickly reached for his hand and placed it firmly back between her legs directing two of his fingers where they could exert the most pressure on her aching pee hole.

    "It's really what you want?" he asked.

    "It's really what I want," she confirmed.

    "Even if it makes you pee?"

    "I think it's a bit late to be worrying about that," she giggled; and before she had even finished the reply, Josh felt her wetness spreading rapidly on his hand and heard the angry hissing as Kareen peed forcefully into her candy-stripe knickers. He began stroking her again, softly at first; but she lifted her hips and pressed urgently against his hand, but her pee continued to gush out so he responded by rubbing harder. She buried her face in his neck and bit into his exposed flesh. He felt up to the waist band of her sodden knickers and slipped a hand down inside; forcing a finger against the flow of her hot pee and crooking it gently round so that it began to enter her pussy. She tilted her hips, arched her back, and gasped as her whole body shuddered to an instant climax. Then she slumped back down in her seat, warm pee still gushing out through her knickers and cascading off her seat onto the floor of the bus. Josh gently withdrew his pissy soaked hand.

    "Happ y?" he asked.

    "Oh wow," she replied. "Who'd have thought it?"

    "Who'd have thought what?"

    "I've always been horribly embarrassed whenever I've had an accident before. I never imagined that peeing myself could be such an erotic experience."

    "Was that the accident, or was it me?" asked Josh.

    "Who cares?" she replied. "Just so long as we can do it again some time."

    "Well, " said Josh carefully, "if you wet your pants as frequently as you say, I'm sure we'll have no shortage of opportunities," at which time, while looking directly into her eyes he put two of his pee soaked fingers into his mouth and sucked them dry.

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    Quite good,even if I have read something very much like it before.
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    already read this one on the website.
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    I wet myself on a train last week.

    I had been out for a few drinks with some girl friends after work,and stayed longer than I had intended.I had to rush to get the late train home,and didn,t have time for a pee before I got on,and I was bursting.
    I got a seat,and as soon as the train was out of the station made my way to the toilets.They were out of order,and there are only one set of toilets on this train.I carefully made my way back to my seat,and sat down crossing my legs very tightly.
    The train seemed to be jolting its way along,and I knew that my bladder was not going to last.Sure enough a little spurt came out into my panties,I still had nearly half an hour to go.I had taken my coat off,and put it over my lap,I slid my hand under it and tried to hold myself without looking as if I was playing with myself,although I,m sure the guy opposite thought I was.
    Two more stops,most people had got off by now,including the guy opposite.The back off my skirt was already damp,and I felt a warm pool forming between my legs.I managed to stop it.The train pulled out of the last station before mine,it jolted,another spurt,I looked over my shoulder,no one was near,I had to go.I took my hand away,opened my legs slightly,and let go.It seemed to go on for ever,soaking the seat and splashing onto the floor.
    The train was slowing for my stop,I stopped going, quickly put my coat on,and got off the train.And I actualy had to finish going in the station car park before walking home
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    "Had to go," seems more like really really wanted to go but was still able to hold it with the hand so didn't really have to go.
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    No you are wrong,remember I was on a train,trying not to attract to much attention,and any one who thinks that a woman can stop themselves peeing by simply putting their hand between their legs and pressing the right spot,is mistaken.Very few women think that that works at all.It's a male fantasy.
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    Sorry to butt in on this text between you two but I have to tell you (from FIRST HAND knowledge) that I once was put into a position of acting or having my new cars leather seat flooded with pee.
    Long story short. Girlfriend was VERY drunk and growling that she was just about to piss all over unless I got her to another place to do it. Still had a good 20 minute ride to home. Night time and roads were horrible due to bad storm and just not a safe pullover place in sight. Several more warnings from her and then she said that was it; she was pissing and it was all my fault. I yelled for her to stop; to cross her legs or something; even find a towel to put under her; I thought might be one way back there in SUV. She just gave one of her pleasurable sounding moans and continued to pee. At that point I reached over and stuck my hand down her pants (her button and zip were already open to give her more room)and found the little hole where the flood was gushing from and pushed my pointing finger into it. Guess what, although it was all very wet down there, her pee stopped. At that point she appeared to be like passing out but then she groaned about having to pee real bad still and realized my hand was her problem and before I realized it she pulled it away and pee started immediately pouring out until I yelled no, and to stop peeing in the car and then pushed my finger back over her little piss hole and again stopped it. When we got in my driveway I had to climb over to her side, get the door open, and get her out while still holding her hole and as soon as she was standing released it and what seemed like about a gallon more off her pee rushed out. Male fantasy, not really, but I admit, it was a little exciting, but I was also able to stop her pee. Seems even a really full bladder such as hers definitely was; with as much pressure that builds up in there, is nothing compared to how much pressure a finger can apply to hold it in.
    Reminds me of one of those swimming pool inflatable things. Was looking for the air leak in one. Stuck it under water and watched for the bubbles and when I pushed finger over hole the leak stopped. Makes no sense that any girl could not simply do the same and stay dry even after her tired holding muscle gave out.
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    One big difference,you two were alone in a car,and your girlfriend still wet herself,and I remember was on a train with other people around.
    I don't care what any one say,s,you can't hold it off fore ever just by putting your finger on the hole.It will come out in the end,I know.
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    I never ment one could hold it forever but it's just simple physics that as long as the hole is blocked nothing can come out. Eventually things down there are going to hurt so bad that you have to let it out or the person will develop kidney and bladder problems but to save a flood for a short time like maybe an hour or so it works, and if you think it won't from experience then you didn't have your finger on the right spot.
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    where do u get these stories?
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    In this case, he got it from THIS site: ies.html#I

    It's a story which I wrote under my pen-name "Indigo", and it was posted to the site in September 2006 (that is to say, 6 months before the OP posted it here). The story was originally called "Patricia". The OP has changed the character names, and altered one or two minor details, but it is still essentially my story.

    This does happen rather a lot with wetting fiction - there are a few of us who write good fiction, and a large number of pathetic inadequates who copy it on other sites and try to pass it off as their own work. Quite a few of my stories on Female Desperation have been plagiarised elsewhere, as have those of a number of other authors.

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