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    Posted by Anonymous

    I have a second job as a concessionist at the local multiplex. One day a few weeks ago, I was stuck at what we call the satallite stand(a little mini stand off to the side of the theater where only one person works at a time.) It was early in the day and no costumers were around. I had a picture of this girl Natalie who is the most gorgeous girl in the world. Well, next thing I know, I'm unzipped and got my meat in my hand. I shot the biggest load of my life. Since then, I love going to satallite because I jerk myself off so much.

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    LOL ... dude, live dangerously ... I just hope for your sake there isn't a security camera that normally checks to make sure you're not dipping into the till, which caught you using the artificial butter flavor as a lubricant!
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    Lucky for me, the camara doesn't move, therefore only watch one specific point of the stand. And after enough times by myself at the stand, I've figured out exactly what angle it points and what spot it watches. Plus, I've been in the office, so I know where it can't be seen.
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    that is just nasty if you want to do something like that do it at home don't collide your private life with your public life i mean that is just nasty
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    Hey DUDE! I want mine garlic flavored!

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