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    Posted by Anonymous

    A couple months ago, I had to go to the bathroom really badly while my boyfriend and I were having sex. I thought that I could hold it, but he was thrusting really deep from below while I held onto the headboard. He hit something inside and I couldn't help but let go. Scalding hot pee flowed all over him. I thought that he would be grossed out, but he flipped us over and kept thrusting into me as I continued peeing. Then he pulled out and came all over our pee soaked bed.

    Later, he said it was the most exciting sex that he'd ever had. He thought I did it on purpose!

    Now, he wants me to pee on him all the time. Starting at 6 PM, he makes me drink about a gallon of water and I am not allowed to go to the bathroom.

    If I can't hold it until bedtime, I have to pee in a container. Later, he warms the pee, puts it into a enema, inserts the tip into my urethra so that I can pee it out again. When he does that I have really bad cramps from my bladder expanding, but he sucks on my clit so I ignore it.

    Still I'm getting sick of my boyfriend's pee fetish.

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    Sounds harmless but although pee is typically a sterile solution; when its left outside the body it will no longer remain sterile. Putting it back inside your bladder could land you with a bladder infection. Maybe you should try and turn things around; after all, what's fair is fair. Tell him he's not allowed to pee either; run that bottle off pee into him. :)

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