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    Posted by Anonymous

    Yesterday, I finally convinced my girlfriends (yes there are 2 of them!) to pee in public while I video-taped them. We have been into watersports for a few months. At first it was hard to get Dyan and Julie to sample the joys of delayed urination and shared voiding. Dyan is 19 and a busty redhead with 3 intimate piercings. I got her at an adult club last year when she was the new girl and still shy. Now she doesn't have to work anymore because I keep her busy keeping Julie out of trouble. Julie is 22 and a petite Filipino girl who loves it up the ass. Julie is addicted to sex and I couldn't let her out of the house without Dyan to keep her from fucking everyone she meets. Now that I have Dyan to keep Julie occupied, I can go out to work. I work for a Maryland porn director who specializes in amateur porn (how I met Julie). I interview the new talent (free samples!) and set up shoots.

    Anyway, Julie has been eager to make a new film for a while. I told her that I would let her if it was a peeing one. So we convinced Dyan to do it, too.

    All day yesterday, the girls drank and did not void. By the time evening fell, their bladders were ful and aching. Julie is very thin and I could actually see her belly swell with all the urine she was holding. Dyan was doing a little better because she has a larger capacity. Both both girls were doing little dances to keep from wetting themselves. It was so sexy.

    We headed downtown. The waterfront is being developed and there were nearly nine new restaurants, clubs, and other entertainments. We stopped at Clyde's first. This is a very traditional brew pub. When we came in the door, the hostess couldn't help staring at my girls. Dyan and Julie had dressed very carefully for the evening. They wore black bikini-style halter-tops, very short white skirts (the better to show their pee stains) and four inch stripper heels so that their asses were tilted enough that you could just see the seat of their panties.

    I slipped a fifty into the hostess's hand and asked her for a private booth. As we walked in, all the conversation stopped as men turned around to see the girls. Women who stared too. Most were jealous that their men were getting hot, but some looked at the girls with lust.

    When we sat down, I told our servers that I would have a burger with battered fries, but the girls would only be having drinks. They could have anything to drink they wanted, but no food.

    Julie wisely ordered a clit-sucking cowgirl (Bailey's Irish Cream and Butterscotch Schnapps), but Dyan had a beer. I told the server to make it a light ale. I knew it would run right through her and make her catch up with Julie in terms of her need to go.

    During dinner, the girls kept squirming with the need to go. I took my time eating and suggested that they have more to drink. Julie moaned at the thought and Dyan whimpered. As I suspected, the ale had taken her to the edge of bladder control. I knew exactly what would push her over.

    As we were leaving the pub, two college-aged guys kept staring at the girls. I walked up to them and asked if they wanted to make some quick money. They looked suspicious, but Julie came over and promised it would be well-worth their time. They introduced themselves as Chad and Dave. we all went outside.

    I paired Chad (who was black) with Dyan and Dave with Julie. I told the guys that they would get to fuck both girls at the end of the film, but first I needed the girls to earn the pleasure. Of course, this meant pissing in public.

    We went to a less-crowded part of the boardwalk along the harbor for our first scene. Both girls were eager to have their first pee. Chad and Dave worked their cocks through their jeans as Dyan spread her legs and let the first jet of golden pee loose. I was growing excited thinking about Dyan's wet pubic hair. I knew that beneath her now yellow panties, her curls were wet with urine. Then Julie squatted and a river of pee cascaded down. When the girls were done, I made them show their wet panties before I had them kneel on the urine-soaked boards and suck off Chad and Dave. Then had and Dave pulled down the girls' pissy underwear and fucked them. I was so excited that I forgot to insist that Chad put on a condom. Now Dyan might be knocked up from the gallons of Bantu-American sperm he shot into her, but the sight of that enormous ebony cock pushing into her piss-dripping red bush was worth the chance that I might be raising a carrot-headed mulatto by this time next year. Chad's tool was impressive, but it was Dave who turned out to be the real star. He shot his load into Julie's cunt, ass, and mouth each, before he couldn't get it up again. Even the defagitable Julie was was walking funny when Dave was done. And I got it all on film.

    I paid Chad and Dave $100. They looked at the money and handed it straight to my girls. The girls were so pleased that they gave them big kisses.

    The girls did so well that next time we will be even more daring.

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