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    Posted by Anonymous

    You're pissed aren't you? Boss just get a new company car/SUV as a bonus for cutting costs, while your annual raise got turned down along with all the other hard working individuals in your office? Revenge time. What is your insurance deductible? Rather high, isnt it? Saves you money, heck, most people keep their deductible high to save money. Probably your boss too. Cost of repairing paint is usually pretty close to the deductible. Funny, that one. Key the car/SUV? Nope, even better. If you can key the car, then apply DOT3 brake fluid to the area, you are really doing a fine job now, aren't you?
    Don't know? Here are the facts: Regular DOT3 fluid can absorb tremendous amounts of moisture. This moisture will rust out the area applied rather quickly (hours) if it is applied to an area where bare metal is exposed. Not only that, but DOT 3 is terribly damaging to ordinary car finishes, especially today's weaker, more environmentally friendly types. This is best done on a humid day, or light rain, so that it resembles rain on the hood, roof, etc. A few days later, "why is my car/SUV still wet there? And it's rusting!" Ohhhh.. too bad Bob, that's going to be expensive, isn't it?
    As far as the application, get a cheap spray bottle, and remove the filter on the bottom of the pick up hose (the thing that is in the bottle, bottom of cap) for added power. It is a bit messy, but the satisfaction is worth it. Wear a coat you dont like much on the days you spray. You dont necessarily HAVE to scratch the surface first, the DOT 3 brake fluid will still do quite a number on the paint. Guaranteed. I accidentally spilled some on my car, and it ruined the paint. Have fun!!!

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