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    Posted by Anonymous

    I work in a large music retail store..its quite a high pressure job, with trying to get the stock out as quick as possible...but sometimes, this isn't always the case, as we have to battle through hoardes of meandering customers who have no sense of our urgency when we go about our work, especially those parents who persist in bringing their "strollers" into the store when we don't have the room to swing a cat, never mind a child!

    In an attempt to get "payback", i have resorted to "accidently" catching the heels of anyone under the age of 6,and holding a straight face as they stagger forwards like a drunk for several yards not forgetting to say sorry of course afterwards to combat any threats of "you did that on purpose!", or just generally blocking the way of these "customers", dropping stock onto their 2 yrs olds in the stollers, and the staff who gets to make the kids cry the most without overstepping the mark of grevious bodily harm gets the smug satisfaction of making our day more bearable.....

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    Maybe if you made more room for the strollers, the parents would be more apt to buy and you wouldn't end up with a potential law suit for your store.... because one of these days one of those kids will break a nose, and either you will be sued for tripping them or the store will be sued for having defective floors - either way, there won't be much of a job left for you. The customers, remember, don't work for you. You work for them.
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    Not something I would brag about. Just wait until you are a parent. People like you complain no matter what. You don't like strollers in there, so are the kids just supposed to run around the store?? No, of course not-that would make you guys mad, too. Or you want us to actually carry a 50 pound child around while shopping??! Maybe you could improve the situation by making more room in your store. Don't trip a little kid for something that isn't his/her fault. Especially don't do it because it's not really a fair fight. Pick on someone your own age and size, you immature brat.
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    You probably had a traumatizing experience in a music shop when you were young, didn't you? Man, pick on someone your own size. I'd knock yer block off...
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    you sound like a gutless whining bag of shit!
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    What an A-Hole!
    What's next- shoving elderly people in their walkers because they move slow?
    If you "tripped" my child or "accidently" dropped stock on them, I'd punch you.
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    I just have to say that if anyone tried that with my baby I would have a field day making you pay for it. One of these days you are going to do that to the wrong person. I would be that person. Mothers are extremely protective of their children. You better get yourself another stress reliever.

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