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    Posted by Anonymous

    yes a long long time ago, I hooked up with a senior supervisor at work. He was cute and liked me too, so we starting dating, a big company no-no. Kind of hard to hide the secret especially when you work in the same department. Well we did get caught by whom I don't know. We tried sneaking off to the conference room when no one was around to have some fun! But someone caught us and I think said something, because he later on told me he couldn't see me any more because of the slack he was getting. Yes I was disappointed to say the least until a few months later I found out he got engaged to another supervisor what a jack ass he turned out to be!

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    what a jerk !! I would of told the boss on him if I were you he would of desereve it.
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    Ooh ooh, i would tell teacher on jimmy cuz jimmy kissed gerta behind the money bars when he said he like me more more!

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