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    Posted by Anonymous

    It is my stupid husband's fault since I had never done it until after I was married to him for some time. Now I can't stop. That's how he gets woken up every morning. He gets at least three blowjobs a day on the weekends.

    It has become an addiction and like an addict I get taken advantage of. My husband has had me blow his boss for a raise. I have blown my boss and got a raise out of it.

    I have been on my knees for the neighbors and I blew my husband's friends when they were over to watch the Superbowl. Justin, my husband, thinks its funny. I don't because I can't control it.

    I can't even go to therapy for it because it became bi-weekly oral sex sessions with the therapist. When I told my husband about it, he thought it was hilarious.

    I really don't know what to do. It seems like more and more people where I live find out about my problem and instead of help all I get are more dicks to suck.

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    why do you need help? do you have anything better to do? I'm guessing not if you're spending time on this site.
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    Let me get this straight...Your husband gets a "Good Morning" blowjob everyday. He gets one every night. You did not fess up to it but I assume he does. He gets blowjobs, morning, noon and night on the weekend. This is not enough for you so you blow his friends with him watching, apparently. You blow your neighbors and anyone else who has a dick.

    Do your neighbors' wives know? Hell, I wish I was your neighbor. I'd be over to see you everyday.

    Somehow, I fail to see this problem you are talking about.
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    I don't know about anyone else, but I like her. I would not mind seeing her for a few minutes everyday.
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    One (1) out of four (4) have Herpies so just a matter of time till it's spread from one of those sticks to your mouth and that should about end your party because the sight of you will send them running.
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    LOL herpes whore!!
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    Go to the High School football game and sit behind the bleachers. You'll have more cocks than you can suck line up to stick it down your throat.

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