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    Posted by Anonymous

    OK.. So here it is i met this gorgeous sexy man in the chat rooms a while ago...well anyway we chat and talk on the phone often...he is very sexy and does wonders for my sex life and he says the same of me...we live far away from each other we have become really good friends..well i was in the boss's office doing some work when i got an IM from him i had only signed on to check we are talking and im getting all hot and wet and he dares me to call him and get off over the what does this career woman do? i pick up the phone and have amazing phone sex..the whole while i could have been walked in was very hot and i had one of the best orgasms ever he made me cry out his name, i even dropped the phone...a few moments later my boss walks in as i am walking out and he says, "Wow, who made you smile like that?" I just winked at him and kept walking it was a great day!

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    hey baby i want your phone number too!

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